Utilities Blow Off Cape Wind

Monday Action:  January 12, 2015

Why do we care about energy — or, for that matter, climate change? As caregivers we have our priorities straight. We love every piece of art our children make, and at the same time we will fight like the great mama bears we are to do everything we can to ensure that our children get the opportunity to appreciate their children’s art.

Here’s something we might be caring about right now:

Our nation’s first off shore wind farm got the wind taken out of its sails (and sales) this week. After 14 years building this 468 MegaWatt renewable energy project, National Grid and NStar canceled their contracts to purchase 77% of the generated power. They say it is because the developer failed to meet key commitments but they’re not factoring in the relentless litigation by Koch Brother funded Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound.

Today’s Monday Action: call National Grid +/or Nstar and ask questions!

  • why are you not continuing to support such an important renewable energy project?
  • why would a few delays force canceled contracts and cause such damage to the project?
  • what is your current strategy to build renewable infrastructure in Massachusetts?

National Grid




Or perhaps you might like this suggested script:

I have just learned that Cape Wind, a 14 year-in-the-making 468 Mega Watt renewable energy project — the first of its kind in the nation and enough to power tens of thousands of homes — may have just been killed due to NStar and National Grid cancelling contracts for 77% of the purchased power. Even though we hear that the official utilities’ position is that your canceled contract is due to the developer failing to make certain commitments by year end, we also hear that this is due to legal opposition and stall tactics from the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, funded by the Koch Brothers. What can we do about this?

For an infusion of hope? Check out our amazing Senator Warren tell congress where she stands about KXL! And if you’re interested in this week’s KXL vigil, view the event link on our Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front Facebook group.


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