Send Your Ideas

Monday Action:  January 19th, 2015

Send us YOUR IDEAS for Monday Actions that we can all implement this year.

These Monday Actions will continue from now until the UN Council of Parties climate treaty negotiations take place in Paris beginning November 30th. We ask for your help in reaching out to even more members of our communities to take Monday Actions with us.

Categories to consider:
Call a legislator:  who?
Write a letter:  to whom?
Attend a rally:  which one, when?
Read an article:  please send us the link or pdf
Communicate with a friend or family member about climate change:  please send draft text
Complete a task related to an allied climate group:  please send your ideas
Other ideas you may have!

We will be working out the details of our 9-month strategy over the coming weeks and invite you to participate in this planning stage by coming to our Wednesday meetings at All Thing Local (104 N. Pleasant St.) in Amherst, MA from 12-1 each Wednesday.


We love your comments:

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