Call Governor Baker

Monday Action:  February 2, 2015

Thank you for your participation in our weekly actions!

This week’s action: Please contact our new Governor Charlie Baker to let him know who you are and what you care about. If you choose you can mention that you are part of Mothers Out Front, a rapidly growing, nonpartisan (or Mom-Partisan!) movement of mothers and others who are expecting bold action against climate change to protect our families.

His toll-free number is: 888-870-7770
or his online contact form is here:

Thank you for all you do to help protect our families’ futures!

With thanks from the Pioneer Valley Chapter of Mothers Out Front


2 thoughts on “Call Governor Baker”

  1. Here’s what I wrote to Governor Baker,

    I’m writing to ask you to do all that is in your power to make Massachusetts the model for the nation in reducing our fair share of greenhouse gas emissions.

    I’m the mother of two young people whose future should be bright but instead it is uncertain because of the economic, health and social costs of climate change.

    I think I’ve been a good enough mom, at least they seem to be growing up to be responsible, caring people. But their future is going to be shaped by the courage of public officials like you to solve climate change. The way I see it, being a good parent today includes doing everything I can to leave my children a livable climate.

    That’s why I’ve joined Mothers Out Front’s call to leaders in Massachusetts to take bold action to drastically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases before it’s too late. I want you to know and listen to us: mothers, grandmothers and others who are deeply concerned about climate change. We have a chance of leaving our children a clean energy future, but only if you and other governors commit to supporting legislation like a carbon fee and rebate, tightening emissions reduction goals, and continuing to fund energy efficiency and development of renewable energy. The time to do this is NOW! The solutions will only become more expensive if we wait.

    I hope one day my children will have the option to be good parents who can promise their own children a life free of the threat of climate change.

    Thank you,
    Andra Rose
    Amherst, MA


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