Sign this Cape Wind Petition

Monday Action:  February 9, 2015

This week, let’s add our voices to support 468 MegaWatts of wind power!

Click here for the Better Future Project Cape Wind Petition

Our January 12th Monday Action was to call National Grid and/or NStar to find out why they pulled out of their contract to collectively fund 77% of this project. Many had engaging conversations (after getting through to media liaisons) and we believe this will absolutely help these utilities – or “LDC’s, Local Direct Customers funding the Tennessee Gas Pipeline we don’t want – choose the renewable energy route that will ensure a livable future for our children.

Now we have a petition to sign and a rally to attend on the Boston Common, February 28th from 1-3!

Thank you!
~ Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front

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Note: We compassionately try to design our Monday Actions with your busy schedule in mind. Hopefully they take you less than 5 minutes each week. Feedback or ideas? Email Amherst.MA – at


One thought on “Sign this Cape Wind Petition”

  1. This was so easy to do! Good to be part of the pressure for our “big” utilities to do a better job with their poor renewable energy report card. Yay for moms!


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