Senator Warren Joins the Natural Resources Committee

Countdown Week 39 Monday Action:  Show Senator Warren Some Love!


  • Boston: 617-565-3170
  • Springfield: 413-788-2690

Did you know Sen. Elizabeth Warren has just taken a seat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee? This is a pretty exciting opportunity for environmental progress given her impressive accomplishments on behalf of the middle and working class – including establishing the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and her new book, A Fighting Chance.

Thank you Senator Warren!

**  It’s WEEK 39 in Our Countdown to Paris **

Your Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team

P.S. For more praiseworthy details:
And for details on the CFPB:


5 thoughts on “Senator Warren Joins the Natural Resources Committee”

  1. Dear Senator Warren,

    I am urgently concerned about climate change. Just today NPR reported more record low temperatures in New York State. This is the biggest issue facing us, full stop.

    I am very pleased that you have just taken a seat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Please press onward there in divesting from fossil fuels as rapidly as possible, on all fronts.

    Remember, natural gas is not a bridge fuel. Fracking produces large quantities of methane which is a much more pernicious greenhouse gas than CO2. I oppose the proposed Kinder-Morgan MA pipeline and wish to see Cape Wind’s contracts re-instated with the National Grid and erst-while WMECO, now EVERSOURCE.

    Thank you for all you do.


  2. I called and nervously told her staffer: ” I’m calling to say that I’m excited for Senator Warren’s new committee appointment on Energy and Natural Resources. I want her to know that it’s important to me that she keep her eyes on the Paris climate summit in December so what she does on the committee helps bring us to the summit ready to make solid commitments on carbon emissions reductions. I appreciate her work so much and know she’s going to be a great advocate.”
    The staffer sounded really happy to hear from me and promised to pass my message along.
    Those civic muscles got a good little work out this week!


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