What Does Senator Markey Say About TGP

Thank you to everyone taking these “5 minute or less” Monday Actions with us! We’re in week 37 of our 40-week count down on the Road to Paris (UN Climate Summit).

Today’s Monday Action: Find Out What Senator Ed Markey Says About the New Tennessee Gas Pipeline Proposal?

updated on senator markey s voting record and senate legislative ...
Call his office:  617-565-8519
Email his office: Contact

Here’s a sample email or phone script:

Dear Senator Markey,
I am deeply concerned about climate change.

We look to you to make Massachusetts the leader in divesting from fossil fuels and growing our economy with home-grown wind and solar power at a highly accelerated pace.

Thank you for your statement rebutting attacks on the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s climate vision, on this past Thursday, March 12.

We need you to be bold and visionary in fighting this threat to the common good.
Push forward, we support you.

~ Your Name

Sincerely yours,
The Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team

P.S.  Since the 1970’s Senator Markey has been active on climate change, and when the first proposal for the TGP came out he was strongly against it.  With respect to the change to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline route that goes through New Hampshire, Markey’s office hasn’t yet taken an official position.


One thought on “What Does Senator Markey Say About TGP”

  1.      Sen. Markey’s tentative answer about any Gas pipeline is; we have no choice, approved: Thus the silence. Either that or he Fib’s.      We have allowed ourselves to become dependent on Natural Gas. 60% of the Power Grid in New England. How do you want to get Gas here? 2050 as a Goal….What are we building to replace the Gas, Oil and Coal power plants now, not some plan that doesn’t work for 2050 or next week.       Also GAS is literally labor and or Wealth pouring out of the ground for the taking ( We have no answer that maintains the Grid that we are willing to accept; allowing the grid to die works for some, for a while ). Greed and the Easy Button drives us and we are rewarding it, we need Elite with something other than these self centered goals.        We need understandable plans from our leaders not speeches aimed at our emotions. Current Carbon game we play at just moves emissions elsewhere.                                John  


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