Senator Rosenberg, What’s The State Resilience Plan?

It’s week 35 of our 40-week count down on the Road to Paris (UN Climate Summit)

Today’s easy Monday Action: Tell Senator Rosenberg How Much Mothers Out Front Cares!

Call his Northampton office:  413-584-1649 or Boston office: (617) 722-1500

Here’s a simple message:

“Dear Senator Rosenberg,

I am deeply concerned about climate change.

As a supporter of Mothers Out Front I’m calling to let you know that a large and growing group of us are reaching out to elected officials like you to help keep legislative focus on climate concerns. Thank you in advance for taking an official stand against new fossil fuel infrastructure.” (mentioning your affiliation with Mothers Out Front is optional).

Here is a great link to find out who all our house and senate legislators are:

Please visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about ways to join us in person and online!

In collaboration,
The Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team

P.S.  Senator Rosenberg, along with Senator Pacheco, attended a climate change resiliency forum on March 25th and discussed the need for a statewide resiliency plan. For the story click HERE


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