Week 8 Celebration

Hello Monday Actionist!

We have arrived at the end of our first 8-week cycle of Monday Actions in the Countdown to Paris. We’ve reached out to President Obama, U.S. Senators Warren and Markey, U.S. Congressman McGovern, Governor Baker, State Senator Rosenberg and our local representatives. We’ll start back up with this cycle next week, but for now, let’s celebrate!

Week 33 Monday Action: read about and share experiences –

Here’s what some of us are saying:

“I love calling our elected officials, learning about what they’re facing right now, finding out what resources they are putting toward climate change, and getting calls back; one time I talked with a staff person for 45 minutes!”

“I love knowing that this is making a difference and am doing all the actions.”

“I didn’t realize how many people answer to ME and how good it feels to flex my civic muscle.”

“I haven’t gotten any email responses from elected officials though I hear others get them!”

“I find the weekly email actions good – especially if I can send an email rather than make a phone call.”

“I just sent the article on Mayor Sarno to 5 people I know who live in Springfield and work at Springfield housing Authority!”

“Comment” about your experiences with these Monday Actions – either in this post, the pinned post up top, in any specific action post, or through this contact form.  And SHARE Monday Actions on Facebook and/or Twitter. Thanks!

In solidarity,
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front

P.S. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recruit a few (we recommend 5) people you would like to bring into these simple, steady, and important actions and check in with them by phone or email or even in person from time to time – to see how their experiences with the actions are going.


We love your comments:

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