Week Action 25 – Celebrating Round Two!

Hello Monday Actionist!
Thank you for making this gentle wave to turn the tide!

We have arrived at the end of our second 8-week cycle of Monday Actions in the Countdown to Paris. We have three cycles to grow our numbers as we continue our virtual march toward the UN Climate Conference in Paris at the end of November 2015. (New to this? Check out the FAQ!)

Next week, a new cycle begins on Monday June 15, where we return to the top of the list of our elected officials (we start with Obama and work our way down to our state rep).

Congratulations: As of now you have contacted seven levels of government: For five minutes each of the last seven weeks you contacted seven elected officials who would rather listen to voters, than to big money. You are exercising (and increasing!) your free (doesn’t cost a cent) power. Review all those actions On this MONDAY ACTION blog. (Missed an Action? It’s OK to catch up with this “cheat sheet”!)

And FYI…we welcome other MOF community teams (like Belmont, Arlington, Lexington and Concord) to join in the Monday Actions. We are working to reach faith communities and other groups, such as Parent Teacher Organizations. Together with you, we have steadily increased in the number of people signed up for Monday Action posts and are poised to double our numbers and our power in this next cycle. Let’s do this! What groups are you a part of who might like to save the world? Tell us!

Week 25 Monday Action: Make or tend your own Monday Action Circle

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use this week to recruit a few (we recommend a maximum of five) people you would like to bring into these simple, steady, and important Monday Actions and check in with them by phone or email or even in person from time to time to see how their experiences with the actions are going.

Some people call this a Monday Action Circle. To hear how others are forming such circles, you are cordially invited to an hour conference call where Monday Action Circle leaders can share ideas. To join this call, dial 605-475-3220 from your phone and enter ID 555127# on Sunday, July 6, at 7 pm. You may also find the FAQ useful. Monday Action Circles are a way to be connected to others doing the actions each week.

If you are already in a Monday Action Circle, your circle leader may help you form your own circle or suggest a special action for your team this week. Here’s what is on that varied action menu:

• Email 2016 presidential candidates about the importance of climate change –and not just Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton–to say:

Dear Candidate:
I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. If you want my vote, I urge you to be bold in fighting for real solutions to stop climate change. I will vote for the candidate with the bravest, boldest solutions to halt climate change NOW.

 Doughnuts! Bring your kid(s) big and small to Representative McGovern’s “office hours” at the Black Sheep in Amherst on June 30, from 2:30-3:30pm.

• Speak you mind on Thursday, June 11 at the DPU hearing from 7-9pm at the Greenfield Middle School (195 Federal St., Greenfield, MA.). Here we will be have a chance to speak with MA Department of Public Utilities about whether it is “in the public interest” for Berkshire Gas to make a long-term contract to buy natural gas from the pipeline builders. The federal approval process takes long-term contracts as one sign that the new infrastructure is necessary, so if we block those contracts, it is an important step in blocking the proposed pipelines.

 Call Parties with the four regions in mind:  Amherst – new solar project, Northampton – municipal solar option, Greenfield (Peru) – Rep. Paul Mark’s new Green Bank Bill (H3532), and Springfield – Rep. John Welch about Springfield’s Climate Action Plan and getting a full-time hire for environmental policy.
This is so hopeful and exciting. Thank you for your continued weekly five-minute commitment. Our country truly needs this grassroots push. Together we are putting things back on track.

Here’s what others are saying about Monday Actions:
“I love knowing that this is making a difference and am doing all the actions.”
“I didn’t realize how many people answer to ME and how good it feels to flex my civic muscle.”
“I find the weekly email actions good – especially if I can send an email rather than make a phone call.”
“I just sent the article on Mayor Sarno to 5 people I know who live in Springfield and work at Springfield housing Authority!”

Click HERE to comment about your experiences with the Monday Actions – either in the pinned post or in the related action post. Thanks! we look forward to these ever widening circles.

Thank you for making this gentle wave to turn the tide!

In solidarity,
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front

Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley



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