Week 22 – Senator Markey Petition Fellow Senators

Thank you to everyone doing these “5 minute or less” Monday Actions! We’re in week 22 of our 40-week “labor” along the Road to Paris, where the UN Climate Summit will take place in December.

Our chorus grows louder every week thanks to YOU (and your friends – ask a few today to join you!)

This Week’s Monday Action:

Tell Senator Markey to Petition His Peers On Climate Issues:

Call his office:  617-565-8519
Email his office: Contact

Are you writing from another state other than Massachusetts? Look up your senator’s contact here

Here’s a sample email or phone script:

Dear Senator Markey,

I am deeply concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. Therefore I urge you to be bold in fighting for real solutions to stop climate change. We thank you for your leadership with your Boston Globe op ed piece about Pope Francis’ encyclical which I have read and your Climate Change petition which I have signed.

But as the Chairman of the Senate Climate Change Clearinghouse, I would like you to report on progress being made in this effort. Where do your fellow Senators stand on Climate Disruption and what are you doing to motivate Decisive Action?

As a mother and concerned voter, I want assurance that my legislators are being bold leaders on behalf of future generations.

~ Your Name
With Mothers Out Front- Mobilizing for a Livable Climate

Thank you! See you next week.

Please share this with friends in other states. They can look up their senators’ contact here.

And comment about your experience with these actions here, where you can also review all Monday Actions to date.

Still reading and looking for more spice to communicate to Senator Markey?

You might also consider this:

  • With the two largest carbon-emitting countries now in agreement on emissions targets (China and the U.S.) — and the European Union having established a target of its own — Markey thinks the stage is set for a significant advance when officials from 196 countries meet in Paris in December for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.
  • Senator Markey understands the importance of renewing the federal tax credits for wind (which expired in December 2014) and solar (which are set to expire at the end of 2016). Ask him what he thinks the likelihood will be for renewing these tax credits!
  • Mothers Out Front helped fund an alarming HEET squeaky leaks report of “natural” gas leaks in MA. Because taxpayers are paying billions$ for thousands of miles of gas leaks, Markey introduced the Pipeline Modernization and Consumer Protection Act of 2013 and the Pipeline Revolving Fund and Job Creation Act. Ask him how likely these pieces of legislation are to pass!

Thank you for all you do!

Sincerely yours,
The Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team



One thought on “Week 22 – Senator Markey Petition Fellow Senators”

  1.         Hello; my name is John Boothroyd. I’ve been working independently for a long time trying to see what we continue to destroy the environment.         We are dependent on Fossil Fuel and Fossil water. Solar wind and Hydro won’t meet our needs. The transmission losses and intermittent operation will not come close to powering the US grid. Power used is small compared to the power generation required to supply power to your house.        Consider the following:                 a) Power company has figured out that they can’t support net zero.              b) If you a house situated for “Free” solar panels they limit them based on your power usage.               c) Metal and Glass require gross amounts of Manufacturing energy/fossil fuel to manufacture. Very difficult to replace.              d) We have no large scale wind power plans.     Nuclear power even including accidents is extremely clean. Comparable even with the accidents to solar and wind in Carbon impact and has significantly less environmental impact.     If we don’t embrace Nuclear power our society will fail. When…we don’t have a 100 years or possibly 20..For many it is a problem now. Food rationing sound like fun.     We also need to move water west. Start/maintain the evaporative cooling cycles. We will get it back in the from of rain. Amazon generates three quarters of it’s own rain. Cools the land as it evaporates and brings cooled/condensed water back. This allows the upper atmosphere to radiate less heat; ie. upper atmosphere get warmer. Water Vapor is the majority of what will call green house gas. We would be overall about 70 degrees cooler without Green house Gases. We have no other fields to use…we have to irrigate the land that produces our food!!!!         They ARE NOW SAYING lack of global warming was due to measurement methods and once corrected we are warming at twice somebodies predicted rate.    Push for Nuclear Power. Pesticides and Bad Nutrition are way more/100’s of times more dangerous. The latter is already in your back yard.    Also when Dr. Hansen, government environmentalist came up with 350 max CO^2; he also said we could remove no more than 15% of the forests. New England is at over 30%. Amazon Rain forest is at 20%. We are running out of fossil water faster than we are running out of GAS. we are at over 400 for CO^2. We need to stop; slowing down will not save us.    100 years ago we started to pump the western fossil water aquifer. The alternative was pump water from the great lakes to the Colorado river head waters. The aquifer is now depleted maybe 10% remains. We generate at best 10% of our food.                       John Boothroyd


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