Week 21: Governor Baker Wants to Move Massachusetts Backwards

Suggested message:

“Dear Governor,
I am urgently concerned about Climate Change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. I urge you to be bold in fighting for real solutions to stop Climate Change. Move forward, not back.

I am therefore deeply opposed to your proposed Executive Order 562. It would erode our State’s great strides forward through our powerful Global Warming Solutions Act. Your Executive Order should be No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure. Move forward, not back.

I switched my home electricity to renewables because I make every effort to reduce my carbon footprint. I look to my state leadership to do the same. This is urgent. You do not list Climate Change as a priority. I need you to change that. Move forward, not back.

Thank you.


With Mothers Out Front- Mobilizing for a Livable Climate
: 617.725.4005
888.870.7770 (in state)
Fax: 617.727.9725
TTY: 617.727.3666

Email form on this Contact Page:

Boston Office
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133

Looking to personalize this for a different state?
You can look up your representative here:
Search under zip and them find contact info under the BIO folder
That’s it, you’re done. See you next week!
THANK YOU so much for reaching out! Whether or not you voted for the governor, s/he works for you. Emails, letters, calls- all count equally to elected officials. What counts is your voice: Aides tally up issues and zip codes and report to the governor what voters are saying.
Do you have time to do more?
Right now, gas companies are pushing the MA government to make the public pay to build and live with dangerous unnecessary pipelines cutting across hard-won protected lands and aquifers. These pipelines are not for the public good, but will certainly increase our rates and help gas companies take the gas to the global market from our shores.

People are really pushing back. We saw it in Greenfield last month. It’s working and we need to keep at it:

This terrific grass-roots group MassPLAN has been organizing to stop the pipeline. You can Help Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast, Inc. (PLAN-NE)’s Intervenor Status by becoming a member -it’s free, just add your name to their efforts.

Here is their call to action DEAR GOVERNOR, LET ME TELL YOU…
A physical pile of comments is hard to ignore so: If you like, you might send something each day this month. Print out and clip their list of articles , and send in your own thoughts. Fill Baker’s office with complaints! Do it with your friends and family! This is how to stop the pipeline.
Thank you for doing Monday Actions! You are the change we need to see in the world.

Please invite your people to join you in Monday Actions!

Your Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team



One thought on “Week 21: Governor Baker Wants to Move Massachusetts Backwards”

  1.       We need alternatives..Solar and wind aren’t working out. We have had a lot serious pushes over the decades and hopfully it is  never a dead idea. Hydro is maxed out and the destruction (A lot of which could’ve and could be designed out for more expense and slightly less usage)to the waterways is extreme. (Wetlands and Trees are what creates much of the climate we live in)      Problem is transmission. In order to run the Grid you need a lot more power than is consumed on top of trying to deal with shifting demand.      In order to keep the gross national product at least in a positive direction to somewhat where it should be we need to export Natural GAS. This method of doing the balancing Act makes a few very Rich; depletes our resources and destroys our land (Note: we are too a great extent seeing minimal EFFECT OF DROPPING GNP and per capita production as long as the world still accepts the dollar as a benchmark.)Some think we should sell Natural Gas….problem is it’s the GAS we use (60+ percent of New England’s Power).      Shift to Nuclear Power and encourage ARHHH!!! the rest of the world?     Building Bombs isn’t easy; we could make it IMPOSSIBLE?….   However a country could have the resources to get around anything. Does having Nuclear power plant and Fuel make it that much easier to make anything destructive other than a local mess?                              John 


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