Week 17: Renew-able-ing All Our Towns

There are only 17 more weeks to go in our 40-week count-down to the UN Climate Summit in Paris.

Today’s Action:

Contact Your Town Officials,
be they Manager/Major/Select Board/Sustainability Manager… to ask-

“Greenfield just did it:
How can we get 100% DEFAULT, CHEAPER green electricity too?”

Here’s your proposed message:
Dear Town Manager,
I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. We need you to be bold in seeking alternatives to fossil fuel generated energy sources.

We are aware that the Town of Greenfield is now using 100% green electricity through their Greenfield Light and Power Program.

Greenfield residential customers will soon see a decrease from 12.95¢ /kWh to  10.99¢/kWh (supplied by Con Edison Solutions, delivered by Eversource). The program is a municipal aggregation which is a form of group purchasing in which a city or town arranges electricity supply on behalf of its citizens. Aggregation is allowed by Massachusetts law and is growing in popularity. The term aggregation is used because all of our town’s electrical load would be combined, or aggregated, and given to the same electricity supplier. This would allow our town to get the best price possible from that electricity supplier.

What would it take for our town/city to contract with an energy aggregator?
You can make a renewable future a reality. Please use your voice to amplify mine and many others.

Thank you.


With Mothers Out Front, Pioneer Valley

a short list we researched for you of folks to contact:

Amherst Town Manager, John Musante Contact
Belchertown Selectmen
Cummington Selectmen
Granby Town Manager
Leverett Selectboard: selectboard@leverett.ma.us
Ludlow Selectmen
Northampton Major David J. Narkewicz
Orange Selectmen
Pelham Select Board Members: Town of Pelham Please Forward
Pittsfield Major Dan Bianchi
 Town Manager contact the Town Administrator at 413 259-1214.
Springfield Major Domenic J. Sarno
Worchester City Manager
Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join us in person and online!

In collaboration,
Your Community Organizing Team

Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley



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