Week 14: Senator Warren, Help US Put a Fair Price on Carbon

This is week 14 in our 40 week Countdown to the UN Climate Talks in Paris.

Today’s Monday Action: Take 5-minutes now to ask Senator Warren to make carbon polluters pay.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Your optional copy-and-paste text for email or talking points if you call:

Dear Senator Warren,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. Therefore I urge you to be bold in fighting for real solutions to stop climate change.

Thank you for your support of a carbon fee and dividend. Economists across the political spectrum agree that putting a price on carbon is the fastest and fairest way to reduce carbon emissions at this time.

We look to you for your leadership.


With Mothers Out Front

Contact Info:

Boston Office
2400 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203

Boston Office: (617) 565-3170
Springfield MA Office: (413) 788-2690

Looking to personalize this for a different state?
You can look up your Senator here:

Thank you! See you next Monday!

Please forward this Monday Action to a friend today. The key is, to put climate change front and center and for that all voices count.

Still here? Want to learn more about the carbon fee and dividend?

This week’s Monday Action dovetails perfectly with the action of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). They are sending 868 citizen volunteers to Washington D.C. (some of our friends from the Pioneer Valley will be there). The CCL has succeeded in scheduling over 400 in-person meetings today with members of the House and Senate! The intention – to advance carbon fee and dividend as a solution acceptable to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Want to learn more about Massachusetts legislation and community efforts for a carbon fee and dividend? Check out Climate XChange.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions. 

Your work is already causing waves.
See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOGhttps://mothersoutfront.wordpress.com/

Your Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team



One thought on “Week 14: Senator Warren, Help US Put a Fair Price on Carbon”

  1.   Carbon Tax? Economists?…..Slowly change?….Is any of this effective?   We a fully dependent on “limitless” cheap fuel. The Only “Limitless” replacement for fossil fuel is Nuclear. Currently “relatively expensive” weapons based Nuclear Power.   Most scientists are suggesting “non-weapon based Thorium” Nuclear Power. We cannot use up all the fossil fuel.   Carbon Tax as I see it working allows continued gross and unacceptable usage of fossil fuel by those willing to buy dubious credits.    Questions we need to be asking (Are these questions being discussed? Political correctness may be the death of us all; Dummy Trump is much worse. ):       1) Food Security…What are we doing about irrigation, we have  pumped the fossil water 100 years in the US, very little is left. What are doing about the gross loss of wetlands which lessens the vapor cycle….This in turn means less rain for large portions of the US farmlands. This will have gross effects in the near future/now on our climate and ability to grow food.       2) While limiting and so far unreliable offshore wind could be a significant portion of our power. Northampton Mass. has Kollmorgen; defense contractor and Submarine periscope builder. KOllmorgen (L3) knows how to build reliable structures in an adverse offshore environment. Why not push for development funding. Build islands, Chinese are doing it.       3) Move water west keep the vapor cycles going. Use the railroads and pipes. Mr. Mellon “Owns the railroads” controls much if not all of the resources required. Use the downhill portions to generate electricity and hydrogen. This provides liquid fuel. Fund this by Generating  Hydrogen and Oxygen(Pure Oxygen is the dangerous part; not required for ground transportation)for the space shuttle…Liquid hydrogen (Ingersol Rand compressors) makes great fuel for transportation. This is the battery/fuel storage we need.       Any plan has to include Nuclear power (Mostly back-up we hope; Nuclear power Tax?). Renewables/green energy is too marginal (Requires massive subsidies and is environmentally destructive) to supply all the needs of an industrialized nation. Nature can black out the sun for Years; wouldn’t it be prudent to be prepared.              John Boothroyd        


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