Richie Neal, We’re Starving Over Fossil Fuels

We’re in our “last trimester” — week 12! — of our 40-week count down on the Road to the UN Climate Summit in Paris.

ACTION: Take 5-minutes to tell this U.S. representative that Fossil Fuels are Making People Starve:

Your sample optional copy-and-paste text:

NOTE: We’re all addressing Rep. Neal this week because he’s not on board with taking bold action for our children’s future environment (read this article  for details). Consider who you may know in these towns he serves and please invite them to send this message!

Dear Congressman Neal,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. We urge you to be bold in fighting climate change.

As a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, you may want to know about the crowd of students and seasoned activists who will be FASTING from September 8 – 25 at FERC’s Headquarters in protest of any new permits for fossil fuel infrastructure that most scientists concur can make our children’s future planet uninhabitable for humans.

Please consider this carefully and act boldly for our children.


With Mothers Out Front- Mobilizing for a Livable Climate

If you prefer the phone, call Richard Neal’s:
Springfield office 413-785-0325
Pittsfield office 413-442-0946
or his Washington DC office: 202-225-5601
and/or Email his office: Contact

Also contact YOUR elected Official:

To personalize this message for a different MA congressperson or a different state, explore Enter your zip code and search for your representatives’ contact information under the  “BIO” folder.

Thank you for all you do for the little ones looking up at us from waist height!

–Your Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team

Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about ways to join us in person and online.

Add spice to your message:

• Ask Neal: “What are your official positions on 1) the solar net metering cap and 2) a Fair Price On Carbon? Also, how canyou personally effect Congress on these issues?”


Wait, you want to do even more?!

Consider switching to clean energy even if you rent, and call MassSave every chance you get to take advantage of their conservation subsidies available to all utility customers to the tune $2000 per cycle.

Every customer who chooses renewable energy sources is helping to protect the next generation. Those are the people probably looking up at you from about waist-height these days. Thank you for taking matters into your own hands! Your help makes all the difference. Amplify your power:

Forward this email to a friend today (and share how good it feels to flex your civic muscles!)

Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley



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