Green Your Town with Mothers Out Front

Hello Monday Actionist!

The UN Paris Climate talks are 9 short weeks away. Things are poised to really change. Have you been feeling the momentum build around the world too? The Pope’s visit, China’s cap and trade plan, and YOUR actions are all turning the tide.

This week we are asking you to take action close to home. Who in your community is a climate hero? Is there a City Councilor, a teacher, or a religious leader whose work for a livable world has inspired you?

Here in our hometown of Amherst, MA we lost a climate hero when our Town Manager, John Musante, died suddenly last week. We are asking all our Amherst followers to make the switch to clean electricity in John’s memory.

Switching to clean electricity is easy and costs only a little bit more per kilowatt hour. The town has an arrangement with Mass Energy that raises $40 for the town each time someone switches through the town’s portal. If you haven’t switched your electricity to 100% clean energy sources yet and live in Amherst, please follow this link or go to

If you live outside of Amherst, please switch through Mothers Out Front (or go to in memory of John or in honor of someone in your own community. Your switch will be counted as a demand to green the grid and to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure.

Thanks for your contribution to keeping climate change on our elected officials minds.

Still reading? Good, because we can really use your help to spread the word.

While you’re thinking about greening your home energy, think about how much you could multiply your impact by telling your Massachusetts friends and family about switching to clean electricity. And if you also told them about Monday Actions and encouraged them to do them for the next 8 weeks, you multiply our power as we approach the talks in Paris.

Please ask your friends and family to join you in this critical time.

Here’s a suggested email. Send it to one person- send it to 100 people, but send it today:

Dear Friend/Son/Mom/Family (etc.),

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m very worried about climate change and have found some important and satisfying actions that I can do to help. I have switched my home’s electricity to 100% renewable sources and I’ve been contacting elected officials weekly to give them encouragement to be bold on climate.

In the build-up to the Paris Climate Talks, our voices are sorely needed because Big Money is pressuring elected officials to back off of climate action. We can show our elected officials we’re serious about demanding a sustainable future by signing up with a third-party electricity provider who offers 100% green energy like the one that Mothers Out Front has recommended; you can make the switch through Mothers Out Front with Mass Energy.

Those folks who make our laws need to know that they have our support to legislate a clean green future for us all. So I also make weekly calls or emails that can be done in a few minutes to contact the elected official that the Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front group is targeting each week.

Beginning next week, if you like, I’ll forward you 8 weeks of Monday Action emails. Or you can go to the blog that has all 30 other messages and sign up to receive them yourself. I’ll try to answer any questions and hear any thoughts you have about each proposed short outreach to elected officials. So will you join me? Say yes! We can give this the final push.


Have you been to a Mothers Out Front House Party? There are two coming up:
October 21st 6:30-8-30pm in Amherst
November 4th 6:30-8:30pm in Leverett
Contact for more information.

In solidarity,
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front



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