Last Cycle Before Paris, Mr. President

There are 8 weeks left in our countdown to the UN Climate Talks in Paris!

We’re knocking on President Obama’s door one last time before Paris. Let’s make it count!
Here’s a sample text for your 5-minute Action to call 202-456-1111, write or email:
Dear Mr President,
I am part of Mothers Out Front, an organization that gives mothers and grandmothers and others a way to speak truth to power about climate change. I have written to you before, asking for you to be as bold as you can be to steer our country toward a new era of clean, renewable energy.

I understand you’re up against big money trying to block your climate agenda in Congress and in “red” states. We know you’re using your executive powers as much as you can to regulate power plants’ carbon emissions. We support you in your efforts. And we want you to do even more.

Will you up the ante on U.S. emission reductions and funding for developing countries at the Paris climate talks? A surprise increase in our pledge a month before the talks could be a watershed moment influencing other countries to increase theirs too!

This is your moment, Mr. President. You and I both have children who will have children (we hope!) Let’s give them a livable world, Mr. Obama. I’m counting on you.


Contact info: To call: 202-456-1111 To email:
To write a letter: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500


That’s all for this week.
Thank you for emailing or calling. You’re making your great grandchildren/nieces/nephews/friends proud!

Mothers Out Front, Pioneer Valley


Want more inspiration? Here are some past messages from a few of our Mothers to give you ideas for personalizing your message.

February, from Sarah: The world is waiting for someone to step up and steer us back on course. Who can achieve this but America? We cannot afford to wait until the next presidency — the person to do this is you, Mr. Obama. If not you, who could? I applaud your recent actions with China, and I urge you to go further, do more. We must succeed in Paris.

April, from Madeleine: Your administration recently announced the US targets for emissions cuts, sent to the UN for the Paris 2015 COP meetings of 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. I say that is not bold enough. Ask us to conserve energy as if we were in the fight of our lives, and you could get that number in a month. You haven’t asked us to! Ask us!

June from Andra: Mr. President, do you know the story of Nachshon, the brave soul who ran into the sea before Moses parted the waters? He believed in a future he could only imagine and by stepping out, he opened a pathway. This is your Nachshon year. We mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, grandparents and children are stamping and shouting impatiently on the shore between a fast approaching threat behind us and a hopeful future we can see across the water. Believe in this future, Mr. President, emboldened by the Pope’s faith in you, buoyed by our rising clamor, and RISK EVERYTHING. We will be right behind you.

Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley


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