Week 7: End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Thank you to everyone doing these “5 minute or less” Monday Actions! We’ve got 7 more weeks to go in our 40-week countdown along the Road to Paris, where the UN Climate Summit will take place starting on November 29th. Our chorus grows louder every week thanks to YOU (and your friends – ask a few today to join you!)

This Week’s Monday Action:
Tell Your Senator to Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies:

For the Pioneer Valley Folks: Senator Markey
Call his office:  617-565-8519
Email his office: Contact

Not from Massachusetts? Look up your senator’s contact here

Here’s a sample email or phone script:

Dear Senator,

I am deeply concerned about climate disruption. Every day we read more news about planetary instability. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. Therefore I urge you to be bold in fighting to end fossil fuel subsidies NOW.

You know there are $7 BILLION annual subsidies to the fossil fuel profiteers.

What are you doing to end fossil fuel subsidies? As a concerned voter, I want assurance that my legislators are being bold leaders on behalf of future generations.

~ Your Name
With Mothers Out Front- Mobilizing for a Livable Climate
Thank you! See you next week.

Please share this with friends in other states. They can look up their senators’ contact info.

Have you been to a Mothers Out Front House Party? There are two coming up:
October 21st 6:30-8:30pm in Amherst
November 4th 6:30-8:30pm in Leverett
Contact greenzinnia at hotmail dot com for more information.

We welcome your comments.
Thank you for all you do. Onward!

Sincerely yours,
The Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team

Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley on Facebook


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