We are Paris

We mourn with our sisters and brothers in Paris. Thinking of the innocent lives lost, we hold the children we love closer, wishing we could protect them from every kind of terror, knowing this isn’t possible. We don’t know if our efforts to reduce the certain harm from climate disruption will affect the course of terrorism in our world. But we believe that when the delegates from all corners of the earth meet in Paris in two weeks, their resolve will be strengthened to protect their children’s children’s children from the danger they are charged with averting.

So, with hearts filled with empathy and determination, we turn to the work that we can do.

We can make a difference right here at home. Which of the following could you do more of?

  1. Pile on the sweaters and blankets and turn down the heat.
  2. Plug the cracks around the doors and put plastic sheeting over the windows.
  3. Buy less stuff and swap stuff more.
  4. Drive less, accelerate slower, and inflate the tires.
  5. Switch the Source Now in your home from the fossil fuels that the utility companies buy to clean, healthy electricity.

These are completely in our control. Let’s treat the energy we use as if we were taking it from the coming generations. Because that’s just what we’re doing as long as our energy comes from fossil fuels. Eversource and National Grid won’t switch from fossil fuels without a fight. Berkshire Gas and Kinder Morgan won’t stop lobbying for more pipelines. So let’s fight.
There’s several people in Boston who have been hearing a lot from the fossil fuel industry lately. They need to hear from you and your friends in their districts.  Look through your contact list, your facebook friends, your school reunion list. Who could you talk to about the need to switch our energy sources to renewables? Find someone in another part of the state. Convince them to contact their representative or one of the MA House of Representatives leaders below.

Speaker of the House
Rep Robert DeLeo
617-722-2500  Robert.DeLeo@mahouse.gov

Chair of House Ways and Means
Rep Brian Dempsey, former co-chair of the TUE
617-722-2990    Brian.Dempsey@mahouse.gov

House Chair of Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy,
Rep Thomas Golden
617-722-2263   Thomas.Golden@mahouse.gov

Urge Your Massachusetts House Representative to move on solar TODAY.

 Find your personal State Legislators here.  
Dear Representative,

I am urgently concerned about climate change.This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. Therefore I urge you to be bold in fighting for real solutions to stop climate change. We look to you for your leadership and need you to at NOW:

I want solar PV on every house, parking lot and business possible ASAP.

I want full Retail Net Metering credits for all residential solar pv systems.
I want full retail Virtual Net Metering for all community shared solar systems.
I want 20% solar energy by 2025 at the latest
I want energy storage for a resilient and stable grid.

Even if it costs me 50 cents on every electric bill.




With Mothers Out Front

Well done! See you next week.
And remember, friends don’t let friends ignore climate change. Forward Monday Actions today!
Still here? Are you looking for more? Here some upcoming events:

11/17 12pm Rally, 1pm Hearing at the Boston State House to Fix the Leaks (to stop the proposed MA Pipeline). Learn more here.
11/23 7pm-9pm Make art, props for rallies on 11/29 at the Unitarian Society in Amherst, during Climate Action NOW’s monthly meeting.
11/29 6pm-7pm Family-friendly rallies as part of the Global Climate March all over the world and especially in Paris. In Amherst on the Common and in Northampton in front of City Hall.
12/3 7pm – “This Changes Everything”, UMass Library. Limited seating to this free screening and discussion. RSVP greenzinnia@hotmail.com

Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join us in person and online.
In collaboration,
Your Community Organizing Team
Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley


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