Save Solar in MA, Stop the Pipeline

Happy 2016, the year voters halt climate chaos.
Today’s Action: Rescue Solar in MA

The solar industry is at risk in Massachusetts. Soon after the legislature returns on January 4, they are likely to vote on a bill that, as written, would severely limit solar’s growth. Contact your state senator (Rosenberg email) and state representative (Ellen Story email).

Dear [Legislator]:
I’m shocked and disappointed that the legislature is considering a bill that would severely limit the growth of solar energy in Massachusetts.

But it’s not too late to turn this ship around. I urge you to contact the conference committee (Reps Dempsey, Golden, and Brad Jones) to modify H.3854 to lift the existing caps!  This is the kind of leadership we need from you if we are to keep solar growing, and all the jobs and economic benefits that accompany the growth of this important industry.


With Mothers Out Front

Good Work- But, wait! All fired up? We need you for
This urgent
Pipeline, one-two punch:
A) contact your U.S. Representative asking for assistance intervening against the proposed NED pipeline with FERC.

Dear Representative McGovern,

I oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure. Many people recently tried to protest the unnecessary Northeast Direct (NED) pipeline through the appropriate federal online system (on FERC’s website) . They found the system was shutdown just before a January 6th deadline!

Please demand a two-week extension for people to file as intervenors on the NED proposal. Also please call for an investigation into why the system was shut down at all. Thank you.

with Mothers Out Front
Congressman Jim McGovern
To call: 202-225-6101
To email
To write a letter:
438 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Live somewhere else? Look up your U.S. Representative HERE.


B) Intervene!
Kinder Morgan REALLY does not want you to do this:
Got 15 minutes? Become an intervenor to stop the pipeline: Anyone can do it! Kids have done it. It’s free, easy, and no strings attached. The deadline right now is January 6th at 5pm.

What is important is that loads of us intervene, not that we say the perfect thing. Being an intervenor does not obligate you to file any additional comments or involve legal costs or obligations. Happy intervening!
Here’s your how-to link.

Use the following paragraph (or create your own list of interests that are compelling you to intervene):

I oppose the proposed pipeline: I object to it as an electric ratepayer, a taxpayer, a neighbor and visitor to protected public land in Massachusetts. It would imperil our food, water, and air.
I object to it as a person deeply concerned about climate change and the large-scale extraction, combustion and release of natural gas into the atmosphere, which directly affects all beings on this planet.

YOU DID IT! Whew! Thank you for flexing your civic muscle. Looking buff there, Voter.

See you next week,
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front


One thought on “Save Solar in MA, Stop the Pipeline”

  1. New England has committed itself to Natural Gas for Power. Solar currently fuels the biology that cools the planet , creates the Air, and food. PV Solar power and the Grid, like other substitution fuels , use as much fossil fuel as it returns. Natural GAS is the only option here. All that solar in Germany resulted in a reduction of 1% (one percent)of the power plant output.  What happened to the Nuclear Age.. When planning on 50 years of oil, we knew it was limited. Used to be Mankind was going somewhere, we had a follow on plan. Fear Mongering about Nuclear Power!! Any scientific analysis, considering overall environmental impact, has Nuclear Power being orders of magnitude less invasive/environmentally destructive than Hydro electric (Hydro electric is Very limited, “Greenest of Green?” and messy) power. We will not avoid the fall ( total destruction of this society ) of the oil economy; pursuing solar power and the status quo. Don’t forget it currently takes 8 (Eight) calories of fossil fuel for every calorie we eat. We change carbon into greenhouse gas; thus powering ourselves.    There was Hope in the Nuclear Age that we are foolishly forsaking. Back to the stone age after something much worse seems to our current track.                     John Boothroyd        


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