Mr. President, Make FERC Pipe Down

#PresidentsDay Monday Action: Ask Obama to investigate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC.

Dear Mr. President,
Happy President’s Day and thank you for working hard for our children’s future: I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. We need you to do all you can to keep fossil fuels in the ground. “Natural” gas is a dirty fossil fuel, not a bridge fuel to a green energy future, yet we are threatened with the prospect of huge new pipelines that would last for decades, delivering gas for export and endangering our hometowns and our climate.

FERC has not turned down a pipeline application since 1986 and is now reviewing the proposed NED (Northeast Energy Direct) pipeline. We are very concerned: FERC does not appear to be an agency that protects Americans; instead it steadfastly promotes the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our lands and our future. MA Attorney General Maura Healy’s independent report proves that we do not need the proposed NED pipeline, yet now all that stands between us and the pipeline is FERC.

If FERC is corrupt, we need that corrected and look to you for help. Please urge the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to audit FERC as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention in this urgent matter.




With Mothers Out Front


CONTACT: President Obama

To call: 202-456-1111
To email cut and paste the suggested message above or write your own.
To write a letter:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Well done! See you next week.
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In collaboration,
Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley

One thought on “Mr. President, Make FERC Pipe Down”

  1. All:      Natural Gas pipeline into Mass. isn’t required? It will be used to export Natural Gas. However: this is what I see      Long before the Gas Line, it was stated by scientists, that unless another alternative appears natural gas extracted from Midwest shale, largest reserve in world, would have to be used. When I was Kid we would run out of oil by 1995 unless we could get at the reserves trapped in the US shale.       New England power is mostly generated by Natural Gas Power Plants. Low price of oil, because they are fighting in the Mid east, has made the investment required to extract Gas from shale not worth the return. We might not have any Natural Gas if this trend continues.       Right now we are dependent, as planned, on a robust Natural Gas Market in order to power the New England Grid. Does the Federal Energy Commission have any other choice besides support of the Natural Gas Market, keeping the price reasonably low, IN ANY WAY IT CAN.       All this solar doesn’t significantly reduce the cost of the GRID. Slight lull for a few days in winter isn’t much help, and why should the rest of us pay for your power when the sun isn’t shining. Grid is monster that requires massive amounts of power in order to give everyone what they want when they need it. Onshore wind requires a mile of buffer land all around……..      One alternative would be Nuclear Power; have the Navy set it up for free. Use it to start a water based fuel infrastructure. We have foolishly committed ourselves to Natural Gas. Promise of the Green Energy Marketeering Force is not going to work.      For now the Pipeline is required. How much longer can they fight one another in the Mid East. Low oil prices; squeezing the economy of rebel countries, free labor (Horsepower) falsely boosting the consumer economy, makes the pipeline unappealing for now!     Question remains, what alternatives that work (Green needs to be reserved for Trees and Crops) are we willing to consider besides Natural Gas. The physics say we need to drastically change the way we do business. Change is never easy; however we have the opportunity to do it before we have to.                       John Boothroyd Amherst Mass.         


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