We Need More Like You, Congressman

We’re “Taking Steps to a Renewable Future” this week. Walk with us and the Sugar Shack Alliance to protest the proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline. Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley will walk as a group on Saturday afternoon when the walk goes through Greenfield. Join us for the walk, then lunch and creative family and youth empowerment activities, including a Pipelines 101 workshop (child care available). See details below.

Today’s Monday Action: Tell your congressperson you oppose natural gas pipelines and want a fair price on carbon.
Dear Representative McGovern,
Every opportunity I have, I vote for the strongest climate advocates because I am urgently concerned about climate change. Future generations are depending on us. We therefore urgently need you to protect us against new fossil fuel infrastructure including the proposed Kinder Morgan NED (Northeast Energy Direct) “natural” gas pipeline. Gas is not a bridge fuel. It is a bridge to nowhere.

I applaud your strong opposition to the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct pipeline. The threat of massive environmental impacts for limited economic potential is right in our backyard. Instead of funding new fossil fuel infrastructure, we should continue to lead the way in renewable energy, which is truly our best bet at improving safe, cost effective energy access in Mass.

To make that work, we need you to make fair carbon pricing part of the national climate strategy. In survey after survey, over 90% of economists say the most efficient and effective way to reduce climate pollution is through market-based policies that put a price on carbon.

Join us for the walk! A perfect chance to show your support again is this week, when many of your constituents will be participating in a 53 mile walk of the proposed pipeline, March 17 – 20th, organized by sugarshackalliance.org. Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley will be joining the walkers as they parade through Greenfield on Saturday afternoon. See you there!


With Mothers Out Front

Congressman Jim McGovernContact:
Congressman Jim McGovern
To call: 202-225-6101
To email
To write a letter:

438 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Live somewhere else? Look up your U.S. Rep HERE

Well done, you did your Monday Action! Bye, see you next Monday.

PLEASE NOTE: Never hesitate to cut and paste, call, or pour your heart out in email or letters and share your solutions.
Your voice gets counted in each case. Ask your friends to join you in action. Thank you for being the change you want to see.

Mothers Out Front will participate in the anti-pipeline walk

on Saturday 3/19 in Greenfield

Here’s how you can join in the action!

1 – Register at sugarshackalliance.org
2 – 12:15 – Meet at Tractor Supply Company, 72 Newton Street (exit 26 off I-91 North, first right turn on the way to Greenfield Center)
3 – Join the walkers, led by the Expandable Brass Band
4 – Walk one mile down Main Street (about 30 minutes)
5 – 1:00 Lunch at All Souls Church, 399 Main Street
6 – 2:15 Walk a couple of blocks to St. James Church, 8 Church Street
7 – 2:30 Pipeline workshops (beginners and advanced) as well as family activities and child care for ages 3 and up
A van will shuttle you back to your car as needed.
Questions? Contact Andra at info.ma.pioneervalley@mothersoutfront.org

FYI: Your handy list of the representatives we cycle through to contact weekly.

Write them anytime you like, they need it. Got election fever? You should run for local office: read this.

Contact info for zip code 01002. Live somewhere else? Look up your representatives HERE. (State Reps are faster HERE)
1. President Obama

To call: 202-456-1111
To email
To write a letter:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

2. Senator Elizabeth Warren

To call: (202) 224-4543
To email
To write a letter:
317 Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510

3. Senator Ed Markey

To call: 202-224-2742
To email
To write a letter:
255 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
4. Congressman Jim McGovern
To call: 202-225-6101
To email
To write a letter:

438 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
5. Governor Charlie Baker
To call: Phone: 617.725.4005 or 888.870.7770 (in state)
To email
To write a letter:
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133
6. State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email
To write a letter:
State House Office
24 Beacon Street,
Room 332,
Boston, MA 02133
7. State Representative Ellen Story
To call: 617-722-2012
To email
To write a letter:
State House,
Room 277
Boston, MA 02133
Thank you for all you do.
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front


One thought on “We Need More Like You, Congressman”

  1.      Opening statement is one thing most seem to agree on; path to nowhere. This puts it in mild terms.      Carbon Tax on a world basis is going split the have and have not’s even worse than it already is. Kiss Good by; any concerns about the planet.       Not new: see attached UN folios back 1/2 a century after 1/2 a century of horrific war.                            John                                                  


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