6-Call Mandate to Stop the Pipeline!

We are stopping the pipeline: We’ve heard MA State Representative Ellen Story say: “Six Calls from My Constituents is a Mandate.”

Just. Six. Calls.

When a handful of us activate our little networks, that’s a lot of power. Together, we can find people in every town in Massachusetts to say “no” to new pipelines. This weekend’s test-run, called Light Up the Map! showed 15 people knew pipeline opponents in 116 towns: So think about it, when 50 of us activate our personal networks, that is enough for a state-wide mandate to stop the pipelines.

Today’s email therefore is a kit for you to forward to your friends. Roll up your sleeves for this 7-fer and also share with your friends in other MA towns! Let’s blow the lid off the fiction that natural gas is a “bridge” fuel.
Today’s Mega Monday Action: Urge all seven of your representatives to:
Block New Pipeline Infrastructure.

SPECIAL HELP TODAY, courtesy of Environment Massachusetts! Thank you Ben! Use this online petition:
It directs to your personal state senators, state representatives and the Governor.

But note this: Calls and letters count more. If you are short on time, certainly use the above petition.
Dear Governor Baker,

I want to see Massachusetts get 100 percent of its energy from clean, renewable sources like solar and wind. We owe it to our children and future generations to do everything we can to avoid the worst impacts of global warming.

That’s why I oppose building new gas pipelines in Massachusetts. These pipelines will harm local communities and natural landscapes, and keep us hooked on fossil fuels for decades to come.

We don’t need fossil fuels to power our lives. We can meet 100 percent of our needs with our abundant renewable energy resources. Why do we have yet to see a study of the gas companies’ need including all realistic alternatives? Please get us one, as the study the Attorney General, Maura Healy, initiated only covered the utilities’ needs, and concluded definitively that we do not need the pipelines.

Please support efforts to prohibit spending public money on new gas pipelines, and please do everything in your power to prevent the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Thank you for fighting for us and our environment. The children thank you.

With Mothers Out Front
This list is for zip 01002

Who Needs to Hear from YOU:
1. President Obama
To call: 202-456-1111
To email
To write a letter:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

2. Senator Elizabeth Warren
To call: 202-224-4543
To email
To write a letter:
317 Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510

3. Senator Ed Markey
To call: 202-224-2742
To email
To write a letter:
255 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

4. Governor Charlie Baker
To call: Phone: 617.725.4005 or 888.870.7770 (in state)
To email
To write a letter:
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor, Room 280
Boston, MA 02133
————————————check your zip code starting here (see help with this at the bottom you this list)
5. Congressman Jim McGovern
To call: 202-225-6101
To email
To write a letter:
438 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

6. State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email
To write a letter:
State House Office
24 Beacon Street, Room 332,
Boston, MA 02133

7. State Representative Ellen Story
To call: 617-722-2012
To email
To write a letter:
State House, Room 277
Boston, MA 02133
——————————–To tailor this to your personal address you’ll need to find three people: Your Congressman/woman, your State Senator and your State Representative. For help finding those three folks use 5., 6., 7. below:

5. Current representatives

6. and 7.
Enter your Town and State to look up your State Senator and State Representative HERE:
Upcoming In-Person Events:

• Monday, April 18 from 6:00-8:00pm in Amherst, MA: MOF Community Meeting
“Pipe Up About the Pipeline”  Get the facts and practice talking about why we don’t want or need the Kinder Morgan pipeline. We will have time to mix and mingle and snack. RSVP to greenzinnia at hotmail dot com.

• Sat, April 23, 7pm – 10pm: Montague Retreat Center, North Leverett
Dance-dance-dance to the sax-fueled rock-&-roll of Trailer Park, a Valley favorite band. Chow down on pizza, salad, and vegan chili from Hillside Organic Catering.$20 (or more!) Requested donation benefits the Town of Montague’s Intervention at the Mass DPU, challenging a Berkshire Gas contract to buy into the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline. Pipeline Awareness Network of the Northeast (PLAN-NE) for more details.

• Monday, April 25, 7:00pm, Northampton UU: Climate Action Now -CAN- General Meeting

Thanks for all you do. Onward!
Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join us in person and online.

In collaboration,
Your Community Organizing Team
Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley



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