Thursday is Vote on MA Senate’s Omnibus Bill

June 27, 2016

Today’s Monday Action: Senators, amend the Omnibus Energy Bill NOW!

Massachusetts’ energy future is being discussed in the Senate NOW. Can you call or write your state Senator by Thursday? Last Friday, lawmakers in the Massachusetts Senate released its version of the “omnibus” energy bill, S2372. The good news is that S2372 does even more to promote clean energy than the House bill that passed a couple of weeks ago. But the Senate bill neither addresses the thousands of leaks in our natural gas pipelines, nor does it prohibit making consumers pay for unnecessary new gas infrastructure or improve the entirely unnecessary solar bottleneck in MA.

There is time to further improve the bill before the Senate votes on Thursday. Contact your Senator by Thursday noon (contact info for your Senator is here)! Here’s a script you can use when you call, or you can cut and paste into an email if you write:
Dear Senator Rosenberg,
I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the gravest threat facing us all and future generations depend on us to halt it. Therefore I oppose all new fossil fuel infrastructure and want a fair price on carbon.

My name is _______ from TOWN. I’m happy that S2372 is strong on clean energy! I’d like to ask you to support or co-sponsor the following amendments to the bill:

1. Senator Eldridge’s amendment to require utilities, rather than ratepayers like me, to pay for natural gas that’s lost through leaks or unaccounted for, and to add provisions for worker safety.

2. Senator Jehlen’s amendment that prohibits the utilities from charging electricity customers, like me, for the construction of new gas pipelines.

3. Senator Eldridge’s 3 solar amendments to address the regressive nature of H4173 and to support and encourage the purchase electric vehicles by the state and by consumers.


With Mothers Out Front


Contact: State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email, copy and paste the letter above into your email message. Personalize your message if you can.
To write a letter:
State House Office
24 Beacon Street, Room 332,
Boston, MA 02133

Not your State Senator? Look up your senator here

Well done! See you next week.
And remember, friends don’t let friends ignore climate change. Forward Monday Actions today. For those too shy to call or write share this Environment America petition to prevent the CT pipeline expansion through Otis, MA.
If you reach out to your Senator, thank you, & let us know! Read below for more information about the bill. More information here from our friends at MassEnergy consumer’s alliance and SolarIsWorking.

Please contact your Senator before Thursday at noon and take a stance against the threat of climate change. We appreciate you taking the time to take action!

Thanks for all you do. Onward!


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