Gas Shortage? Fix Leaks!

Today’s Monday Action: Thank Senator Stan Rosenberg for Joining with Rep. Paul Mark, D-Peru and Rep. Stephen Kulik, D-Worthington in Questioning the Continued Berkshire Gas Moratorium* (even as the NED pipeline was cancelled due to lack of demand for gas contracts). And Remind All State Legislators that We Need to Pass a Great Omnibus Energy Bill.

Use the information in the sample letter below for calling your State Senator or Representative or to copy and paste the text of the letter into your own email or letter to your Senator.

Dear Senator Rosenberg,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the gravest threat facing us all and future generations depend on us to halt it. Therefore I oppose all new fossil fuel infrastructure and want a fair price on carbon.

Thank you for adding your voice along with Rep. Paul Mark and Rep. Stephen Kulik in the letter to the Spanish-owned company, Berkshire Gas, in an effort “to ensure that all viable solutions are being examined” to lift the gas moratorium. How can there be a supply problem when the company lets years pass without fixing leaks all over the region? In the greater Boston area gas companies allow so much natural gas to leak, it’s enough to heat 200,000 homes a year. We need gas companies to perform the urgent work needed to fix the “natural” gas leaks ASAP instead of pushing for new pipeline capacity! That escaping methane is a greenhouse gas with 80 times the power of C02 over the next 20 years.

Senator, thank you so much for supporting a strong omnibus energy bill. Now please help the final bill be just as strong as the Senate version. Massachusetts has 8000 megawatts of offshore wind potential in the federal waters off our shores – that’s enough to power every home in the state. So please remember we need a minimum of 2000 megawatts of offshore wind to get local industry moving with MA jobs, to restore fair reimbursement rates to community and low-income solar, to double the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS), ensure environmental standards for large transmission projects, and to ban any form of pipeline tax.

Thank you for all you do, I know it’s not easy. We are counting on you to push for the strongest possible energy bill and prevent expansion of pipelines, new and old.




With Mothers Out Front


Contact:  State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email
To write a letter:
State House Office
24 Beacon Street, Room 332
Boston, MA 02133

Not your Senator? Look up yours here

* Curious about the Moratorium? Masslive has this great article:

Well done! See you next week.
And remember, friends don’t let friends ignore climate change. Forward Monday Actions today.

In Person:

Climate Action Now Monthly Meeting

Monday July 25th 7 – 9 PM at the Amherst Unitarian Universalist Society.
Mothers Out Front will be making ART to publicize the presence of gas leaks. Help shape our campaign to get gas leaks fixed in our region. 

Thanks for all you do. Onward!
Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join us in person and online. You can get Monday Actions by following our Monday Action blog.

In collaboration,
Your Community Organizing Team
Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley


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