Senator, FERC Hurts Us

2015-07-29 Greenfield FERC Do Your Job

Monday Action for week of 10/3/16: Direct your Senators to reform the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC. FERC oversees gas pipelines that cross state lines. Their mission should be to protect us from climate change not accelerate it by approving nearly every pipeline that’s proposed.

Please note: Calls and letters count more. So today, grab a postcard or reach for the phone: Use the text below as is or adapt it, maybe make it personal, by mentioning the ages of children you love. If you’re not in Massachusetts, you can write your own senators with the general pitch above.

Dear Senator Warren,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. We can’t lose this fight: Future generations depend on us to pull ourselves back from the brink. Together, we can. But we urgently need to source 100% of our energy from clean, renewable sources like solar and wind. We need to be ramping down our use of fossil fuels, not building more pipelines and we need a real price on carbon ASAP.

Senator Warren, we watched with gratitude and awe as you demanded straightforward answers from Mr. Stumpf of Wells Fargo, never allowing him to evade your questions.

The fossil fuel industry has been stealing from citizens for decades with the help of FERC. We’ve had private property taken by eminent domain, our water poisoned by fracking, and our children’s and grandchildren’s future compromised by climate change. FERC continues to approve pipelines that don’t have all their permits, that plow through sensitive environments in conservation areas, and that are headed to export terminals. The Administration’s directive that all federal agencies have to consider the impact of their decisions on climate change applies to FERC too.

It’s past time to reform FERC! We’re asking you to bring the same tenacity to questioning FERC’s mission as you did to the banking industry. Thank you for bringing your considerable influence to be our climate champion. The children and I thank you.

With Mothers Out Front

Senator Elizabeth Warren
To call: 202-224-4543
To email
To write a letter:
317 Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510

Thanks for being the change you want to see.
Thanks for all you do. Onward!

Other ways to be involved:

  1. Vote on this site to put climate questions on the next presidential debate.
  2. MOBILIZE TODAY by sharing this video and talking with others about the climate emergency: Wake Up, Freak Out. Get a Grip.
  3. Attend a community meeting on October 17th or a house party on October 20thVisit the Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join in person and online.

In collaboration,
Your Community Organizing Team
Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley


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