We Go High, Senator

12/5/16 Monday Action:
When they go low, we go high. Tell your State Senator that more is riding on Massachusetts taking the high road toward a renewable energy future than ever before. We need to go into high gear growing our green economy.

As we celebrate the Water Protectors’ success in persuading Obama to reconsider the permit for the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline, we also know that we have much work ahead to phase out the use of fossil fuels.

The natural gas industry knows it’s running out of time. That’s why there’s a mad rush to put in new pipelines to meet the supposed increasing demand for energy. But they haven’t fixed the thousands of leaks across the state which means dangerous methane is escaping, accelerating the climate crisis, hurting our health and wasting our money.

The cost to our children’s health and the actual cost to ratepayers (almost a billion dollars each year just in the Boston area) cannot continue. See below to join a social media outcry on Saturday 12/10 to call attention to the leaks in your area.

Find the gas leak that matters most to you on this HEET leaks map. Click on the marker to see the address and use it in the talking points below where it says THESE LEAKS. Or copy and paste and mention the address of “your” gas leak in your email.
Please note: Calls and letters really count more on the state level. So if you can today, grab a postcard or reach for the phone.

Dear Senator Rosenberg,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. I know you are making a difference through your leadership opposing the pipeline tax and supporting renewables, conservation and energy efficiency. Please make sure the bills that you and other legislators introduce for the next session will:

1. Halt the building or expanding of natural gas infrastructure.
Instead of making consumers pay for new pipelines, make the gas companies pay to fix THESE LEAKS in the old ones.
2. Expand programs for conservation and energy efficiency.
  We’re national leaders in energy efficiency here in MA, but THESE LEAKS are creating as much climate warming emissions as we’ve saved with all the energy efficiency programs so far.
3. Speed our complete and rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.
We need to build the renewable energy infrastructure NOW.

Thank you for protecting us and future generations.


With Mothers Out Front
Contact info (or HERE: http://openstates.org/):
State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email
To write a letter:
State House Office
24 Beacon Street, Room 332,
Boston, MA 02133

It’s really important that you bring this home to legislators all across the state by asking a friend in another zip code to do what you just did! You or your friend can enter an address and look up State Senators and State Representatives HERE: http://openstates.org/

Timely Action Extras:
Mothers Out Front is calling attention to the gas leaks across the state by taking pictures of our families where leaks are in our towns and cities. Hold a sign that asks whether that leak is a super emitter (gas companies aren’t required to measure the volume of leaks!). Take your pictures ahead of time, but wait until Saturday 12/10, to post and tweet pictures to create a social media storm. Include your town, use the hashtag #FixTheLeaks and tag your gas company in your tweets and posts. For Berkshire Gas, use @AVANGRID, and also mention BG. If you’re in Columbia Gas territory please don’t target them because they are working closely with us. You can still share and retweet photos from other communities to contribute to the storm! On Saturday, check out our Facebook page and Twitter @MOFpv and please share and retweet all day! For more info contact amherstamr at gmail dot com.

Want to learn how to use Twitter or Facebook for getting attention to climate? We’re offering online seminars. If you’re curious, contact Andra: amherstamr at gmail dot com.

Support the Boston Gas Leaks Ordinance. This will be a model that towns and cities can replicate across the state to mandate strong local requirements for fixing leaks. Click here to sign the petition.

Tell Governor Baker we want a Carbon Fee and Rebate! A comment page is available for the next 10 days. For more information on what to say and why, go to http://climateactionnowma.org/carbonpollutionfeecomments/

Upcoming In-Person Events:

TODAY!!!! Walk & Water Ceremony to Stand With Standing Rock and Defund DAPLMonday, Dec 5th, 2016. 12pm – 1:30pm. Amherst, MA. Yes, it’s still on! We still have to pressure the banks to divest from pipeline projects and the DAPL is only being rerouted, not stopped. Meet at the North Common and march down N. Pleasant St to the TD Bank branch in Amherst. Wear blue, bring a small offering for the ceremony, find a friend with a TD Bank account who will close their account as part of the action.

Climate Solutions 101: Sunday, Dec 18, 10-11:30 in Amherst, MA. MOF explains it all! Come learn everything you always wanted to know about the climate emergency and the solutions we’re pushing for. Don’t be afraid to ask; there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Newbies especially welcome. RSVP to amherstamr at gmail dot com.

Mothers Out Front Community Meeting: Monday, Dec 19. 6:00-8:00pm in Amherst, MA: Learn about how we can get to 100% renewable energy by 2030 across our state. We will have time to mingle and snack. Children welcome.

RSVP to greenzinnia at hotmail dot com

Amherst Mothers Out Front House Party: Jan 8, 2:00 – 4:15 pm in Amherst, MA

Please join us for an empowering and engaging presentation and discussion party with Mothers Out Front on how to protect all of our children and the children of future generations. There is urgency, but there is also hope.
RSVP to ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com. Feel free to bring an interested friend or neighbor. Child care is available (please let us know by 1/4 if you need care).

Thanks for all you do. Onward!
Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join us in person and online.

In collaboration,

MOF Pioneer Valley Organizing Team


One thought on “We Go High, Senator”

  1.             Those big World Atlas books ($200.00 show up for $20.00 at Tag sales and Discount overprinted books)have lots of climate and climate change details. These have been vetted by many people. A degree of accuracy beyond what the reporters aspire too and sadly our school books, by design, do not have. Internet is not accurate and vetting is minimal.  We heading into time when we will have make societal decisions; driven by lack of resources and or War. We should be preparing for AND OR STOPPING the Ice AGE whose doorstep we are on. Drop of 20 degrees C or more. The ICE will erase even the evidence that we existed. Next warm spell/summer of bliss, like the one we have evolved in for the past 10,000 years, won’t be back for 100,000 of years.          Here is my take from afar. Complicated situations will not be solved by opinions and wish full thinking. In fact decisions made on assumptions, opinions and wish full thinking are almost guaranteed to come up with wrong answer. Sad part is we don’t see it. Open your eyes. Be positive in your personal life for obvious reasons; big picture is not positive and needs a lot of hard work. Can we move forward together with any where near the current population. Space travel could help?        Science and Engineering need to answer your concerns. This needs to be Put together plans that will answer your questions and provide funding. North American Oil and Gas in the shale and Oil sands represent a large portion, if not the largest of the planets stored wealth, work or savings. Don’t use it??? Storage of the infinite (for all practical purposes)fission Nuclear Explosion radiation we are bathed with. We can’t replicate what the biology does nor in areas that we can; can we do it anywhere near as efficiently. We don’t know how to efficiently store the energy involved. Ultimately we will die in fire as the Fission reaction goes into it’s final stages, expanding into our planets orbit before dying a few Billion years from now.              More than happy to expand and provide backup to the questions. I sent this out last week. Keep at it…… 

    ClimateChange, Biomass, Energy and Water cannot be looked at in isolation I’ve been followingthe educated takes on what’s up and what’s to be done published inthe Globes opinion section and elsewhere. I Look forward to Mondaysopinion by the “Age of sustainability development!! Guy”. Much ofit from the same old page that has been getting us nowhere. We areRemoving Dams, but not the massive hydroelectric ones that cause mostall the problems. Shutting down all what little is left of themarginal wetlands / fish Nurseries that migrating fish need. Smallfarm ponds have their own habitat to support; with little work thebrook can be diverted around; thus removing any kind of minorobstruction to migrating fish. Beaver ponds retain water. BurningBiomass is stated as clean/renewable; at the levels you are talkingis not clean nor renewable. We are missing the interrelated biggerpicture; we have to understand and control the whole correctly if weare survive with anywhere near the current population Calculations by somescientists (See reinventing the global economy Science News a fewyears back) are that Hydro electric dams cause 100 times moreecological damage than if the water was used by Nuclear power plants(Graphs are on a Logarithmic Power Scale). At 1/10th thedamage and large upfront costs/investment we could get most all ourcurrent power needs from Nuclear. New England since the Governmentdirection not too loose any more than 15% of the forest(Biomass); haslost more then 30%. We have drained more than half the wetlands inthe United States (90% in California) in the last half a century.This is a lot rainfall that we no longer get; look at the effect ofthe great lakes (1/3 of the retained freshwater in the world) onrainfall and snow in Upstate New York. Biomass increases evaporationcooling; increasing rain both locally and elsewhere. We need to movewater west for the farms and the copious amounts of rain many of usdepend on that it will create as the evaporating water moves eastover “cooler” elevated land. Coastal Cities aremostly unprotected from any major storm or wave making event; even ifsea levels fall some. We have a levy protecting older parts ofNorthampton Mass. It is at over 140 feet elevation and requiresadditional height of sandbags to hold back another 1936 or 38 flood.Meanwhile we have developed and drained all along the rivers in areasthat are not behind any levy and are at 120-130 feet of elevation. Alarge number of complaints because it’s nor considered flood plain.When the Big rains come; guess it’s Atlantis as planned. Who pays forthis “Climate change submersion”, it would’ve happened anyway?Hurricane Sandy wasn’t unexpectedly high; climate change had littleto do with the flood heights. Want to live in the Flood planes; youare going to have to rebuild. We are going to have todo something to stay out of the next ICE AGE; naturally occurringcooling cycle. We will need to put in and keep a lot of CO^2 in theatmosphere, and or other actions in order to retain more heat. (CO^2stops trapped heat from directly radiating back in space; being heavyCO^2 sits at the surface) Avoiding a drop that could be 20 degreesCelsius or more for 1,000’s of years. A lot of considerationis required if we are to make smart decisions. We need to restore thewetlands and forests. We have to take care of the recycling machinethat allows us to use oxygen and then uses solar radiation (Giantcontinuous exploding Fission Bomb bathing us in radiation) to put itback for us to use again. Atmospheric circulation moderates theextreme temperatures. Wind and solar powerhave issues. Need a mile clearance around those Big commercialwindmills. This is a luxury we do not have. Offshore environment issuch that the windmills don’t last very long. Holland had to removethem at huge expense; we are letting those same engineers repeat thesame mistakes over here! Buying the windmills from Europe. HavingSolar PV for our energy needs; using power plants as backup resultsin 1% less power out vs. just using power plants as is. These are theactual numbers coming out of German solar, adds to global warming, pvcell investment for what, running all the residences. In certainareas under limited circumstances some of this makes sense. We needto use Solar Radiation in a manner that doesn’t use the inefficient Power Grid. Need small scale wind turbines; less risk when they flyapart or sling ice buildup. We might not be ableto survive overpopulation and the War that is coming as a directresult of corresponding dwindling resources. Meanwhile we need to bepreparing for what Nature is about to dish out. We can control it? Dowe let the ICE remove our Civilization. We need better direction fromour leaders …. We need to have a greater awareness of the largerpicture and interdependence. Opinions and wishful thinking arealmost guaranteed to be wrong. Local requirements and therequirements of the whole are in conflict. This requires carefulthought (Who has time for this when the picture is so complicated?)and some will feel cheated. So much that we don’t know. JohnBoothroyd (Modern version of theWelsh/Druid/Angle name Bodewyrd, Real British (Scottish) Spy writteninto James Bond, also known as Q) 22Longmeadow Drive AmherstMA. 413-253-3735 Do you have the time,better numbers, logic or calculations? Get involved please. NonsensePower comparisons, painting a totally inaccurate picture, making apound of Enriched Uranium equal too a pound of Coal are still to befound. Methane floats therefore has little lasting effect. Becareful. Note:      


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