Yes, Senator, We Want a Price on Carbon

cropped-i-care-deeply.jpgMonday Action for the week of 1/9/16: Thank State Senate President Stan Rosenberg for making a price on carbon a priority. @SenStan

Not your state senator? Call Senator Rosenberg, but also encourage Your Senator to put a price on carbon. Your elected officials must know you ask this. Give them courage: Your vote is their currency.

Dear Senator Rosenberg,

I am urgently concerned about climate change: It is immoral to leave all children from now forward with an irreparable climate. We will not stand by while a small group of individuals reap huge short-term benefits from pushing us all past the point of no return on climate. We say enough, and need you to act now – decisively, courageously, and with great speed.

Congratulations on your unanimous re-election as State Senate President. Your support of carbon pricing gives me great hope. This is indeed the driver we need in times of climate crisis.

Thank you for protecting us and future generations. I look forward to your success and look forward to supporting you in this.


With Mothers Out Front

State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email
To write a letter:
State House Office
24 Beacon Street, Room 332,
Boston, MA 02133

It’s really important that you bring this home to legislators across the state by asking a friend in another zip code to do what you just did! You or your friend can enter an address and look up State Senators HERE:

Upcoming In-Person Events:

Monday 1/16 6:00-8:00pm – Amherst MOF Monthly Meeting. Light dinner served. All welcome, including children. RSVP Madeleine We are not meeting as usual on the 3rd Monday in February. Next monthly meeting after 1/16 will be March 20th.

Monday, 1/23, 7:00-9:00pm, Climate Action Now (CAN) meeting, Unitarian Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant St. Monthly meeting of the regional climate activists organization.

Wednesday, 1/25, Climate Lobby Day, State House. Organized by the climate coalition Mass Power Forward to encourage our legislators to cosponsor bills we support. Contact Andra if interested,
Saturday, 1/28, 3:00-5:00pm, Climate Action in a Time of Political Crisis, First Churches, Northampton. CAN, MOF and many other organizations are putting together this forum with legislators, climate experts, activists, and YOU!

Sunday, 1/29, 1:00-3:00pm, Amherst MOF Green Building meeting, location TBD. Help get your community on track to 100% Renewable Energy.

Thursday 2/2, 7:00-8:30pm, For the Love of Earth and Children: Take Action, Jones Library, Amherst. Amherst MOF is leading a workshop as part of the library’s On the Same Page programs about The 6th Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Thanks for all you do. Onward!
Visit our Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join us in person and online.

In collaboration,

MOF Pioneer Valley Organizing Team


One thought on “Yes, Senator, We Want a Price on Carbon”

  1.     Climate change issues need local action, awareness and better direction from our leadership:

             1)General Development is the biggest issue. We see the effect of water overuse, removal of biomass, and replacement with heat generating surfaces (Solar PV panels!#@). Less rain now falls. See the effect of the great lakes has on upstate NY. We continue to build in the flood plains and drain wetlands as fast as we every have. We are fast running out of fossil water all over the world. We need to drastically change how we build. EPA stated quite some time back that the biggest contributor to global warming is General Development.

             2)All else being equal it was determined in the 80’s ( when world populations had passed the point of being sustainable) that prudence dictated no more than 15% biomass reduction. New England has lost over 30% in the last decade or so. Since the 80’s we have destroyed the inshore fish nurseries; we allowed commercial fishing inside the 2 mile limit, including dragging the bottom.          3)In Lieu of Global warming or stability of what is known as the long summer we are about to cycle colder to the tune of 60 degrees F or more. Surface conditions will have to drastically change if we are to avoid this.          4) Electricity is ancient technology. We have no efficient way to store it, transport it, or generate it. Just running the US grid requires a massive amount of per capita energy. Adding solar PV (Generates heat like tarmac in use) to the electrical grid doesn’t help in New England.      We need much greater awareness and better thought out directions from our Government. Local actions need to be controlled to a much greater extent. This is not an exercise where failure is an option.

    Local actions:     Amherst needs to replenish the watershed it uses for water; the fort river which all but dried up; flow was a small fraction of what Amherst flow is, pumped out of it and or redirects into the mill river every day. We take most of water from the Artisan fed swamps in south Amherst. We could recharge our water supply it using the Mount Holyoke range.     Model home and development should increase biomass; need over an acre of trees per household and corresponding field per family of 4…..Margin is needed; farming yields are questionable. Houses in Holes with fields above…………………Direct solar heat in winter and reflection (This has to change if we are going to forestall the cooling trend). In summer water evaporate cooling.     limit use fossil fuel; limited and we need to change before we run out such easily accessible energy. Will the cold snap stall heat increase due to CO^2 release from burning fossil fuel; we would have a hard time getting enough into the atmosphere and keeping it in place long enough to stop the return permanent ICE everywhere but near the equator.

        Nuclear Power can meet our needs; we should support this if we wish to continue on past the next century or so.     Cultivate greenhouse and indoor growing. Alternate food sources; however we need not the extra people that appear (Create utopia and they will come) consuming it and them some.

        When the floods come; do not re-build in the flood planes we shouldn’t have built over it in the first place.             We do not know how to live without all the bugs, germs and fungi. All in the bubble dies; so much we don’t know.                                    John Boothroyd Amherst MA.  Should we help Muslim war refugees….It is our weapons they use….We aren’t managing to help those who live here already….Diversity evolves in isolation….Muslims were handed massive wealth on a silver platter; a few took most all and we have a mess (We know better?)….They left the Christians by definition, they choose to stand apart, better beliefs?                                                    



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