Defend Us, People’s Lawyer

Monday Action for the week of 2/6/17: Urge the Attorney General to prevent Kinder Morgan from cutting trees in our protected lands.

We can stop pipelines right in our own backyard. We did it before with NED and we’ll do it again.

Mothers Out Front opposes all new fossil fuel infrastructure because only clean energy infrastructure can create the livable future we want for all children everywhere.

Those of you who’ve been following Monday Actions and the news from Sandisfield, MA know that a part of the beautiful Otis State Forest is on the verge of being taken by Kinder Morgan for their Connecticut Expansion Pipeline project.

There are still legal and procedural ways our allies are fighting for Otis, including ongoing appeals concerning a federally required water quality certification from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. So our Attorney General Healey can still fight the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to stop Kinder Morgan from cutting the trees that our state constitution’s Article 97 protects.

Please call AG Maura Healey’s office and use the ideas in the text below to express your concern. If you’re not in the habit of calling yet, try writing a postcard. If you email, change the text, make it personal, say what motivates you to act on climate change.

Dear Attorney General Healey,

Because I am alarmed that climate change threatens the health and future of our children, I am grateful to you for standing up to Exxon Mobil. You are fighting, and so far winning, with such courage, to show that Exxon knew their actions were causing climate change and they hid the evidence.

We need the same fight from you right here in the Commonwealth. I want you to hold Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas to the same standards.  We rely on you to uphold our right to clean air and clean water, and the protections of our environment under Article 97 of our state constitution.
A lot of us asked your office to appeal the Berkshire Superior Court decision that the Federal Natural Gas Act preempted our state constitution. We wish you had fought Kinder Morgan’s Connecticut Expansion pipeline project all the way to the Supreme Court. But there is still something you can do.
Now, Kinder Morgan has renewed its request for permission to cut trees in Otis State Forest.  We need you to tell FERC that Kinder Morgan cannot cut trees in our state forest when Massachusetts is in the middle of conducting a review of whether a permit in Sandisfield will really protect our wetlands and water ways.

Please challenge FERC’s authority to take actions that could damage our natural resources when numerous matters relating to this proposed pipeline are still being challenged. If there was ever a time to assert our state’s rights, it is NOW.

Thank you,

With Mothers Out Front

Contact Attorney General Healey:

by phone: (617) 727-2200
by email:
by letter/postcard:
Attorney General’s Office
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108-1518

Upcoming In-Person Events:

1. Tuesday, 2/7 11:30am, Please join us to talk about how books can support children, youth and families interested in climate health with Mia Cabana, the Head of Youth Services, at the Jones Library in Amherst. RSVP to Lee leelandj at gmail dot com.

2. Wednesday, 2/8, 2:00pm, MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Hearing on GHG Emission Reduction Rules, Springfield Central Library, 220 State Street, Springfield. Testify at the DEP hearing and help control CO2 and Methane emissions. Coaching available to help you prepare your testimony. Contact Andra amherstamr at gmail dot com.

3. Sunday, 2/12, 1:00-3:00pm, 100% Renewable Amherst Meeting at the Jewish Community of Amherst. We’re honing in on making Amherst the model for deep energy efficiency and on community financing of new renewable infrastructure. Join us in planning our strategy. Contact Andra amherstamr at gmail dot com.

4. Sunday, 2/12, 4:30-6:00pm, Northampton MOF Community Weekly Meeting (new!). RSVP to Sarah sarahrpartan at earthlink dot net

5. Monday, 2/20, 5:30 – 7:30pm, Amherst MOF Family Potluck. No meeting as we usually have on the 3rd Monday in February, instead you’re invited to a potluck dinner and social gathering. Bring friends and family. RSVP to Ariella ariellaschwell at gmail dot com.

6. Saturday, 2/25, 2:00-4:15pm, Amherst MOF House Party. Join with other concerned people at this introduction to Mothers Out Front. RSVP to Ellen ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com

7. Tuesday, 2/28, 7:00pm, Elizabeth Colbert Speaks About The Sixth Extinction, as part of the Jones Library’s On the Same Page community reading program, at Amherst Regional Middle School auditorium.

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thanks for all you do. Onward!
Visit the Mothers Out Front webpage for details about other ways to join in person and online.

In collaboration,
Your Monday Action Team
Mothers Out Front – Pioneer Valley


3 thoughts on “Defend Us, People’s Lawyer”

  1. The Green Death:

    We have no Alternates to oil on the Table. Current Green and or so called renewable will not now or ever meet our needs. We won’t ever replace the oil we use unless we get a Hundred year life out of the panels; no maintenance.

    A gallon of oil contains 30,000 watt/hours that we can use as we want. Human Labor is also a measurable in Oil consumption and almost all the work we do is a manipulation of oil power.

    Price of Just the panel has dropped to a small fraction of what it was. Just the panel out of the factory now costs a dollar per watt. This enables us to think about maybe after 50 or 100 years of Life with no other input and minimum labor we could have generated enough to pay back the oil used and rebuild another panel. We have a long way to go make so called Green Energy work. What’s published and put out by green energy marketing is misleading and just downright false. That’s what we want to hear. We have so so Lawyer (Not a 2,000 an Hour corporate Lawyer) and even terrible Engineer in the AG’s office. Attorney General is getting involved in areas that she doesn’t even begin to understand. Reading reports and deciding what’s going on based on the best reading nonsense. Pipeline is safer and cleaner than other methods of moving the energy. Like it or Not we are dependent on inexpensive oil. Paris agreement stated that NEW technology is required. MIT Environmental scientists  stating that Green energy isn’t the answer and will go only so far. PV solar is Joke and Now represent 30%? of you monthly electric bill. Rich have solar panels and you are paying their share of the Grid. Taxation without representation for the well off.

    Strong arming electric suppliers to rob from the poor and give to the rich. This is where our attorney general should be. Some of this barely made the News.          America has been Fooled. We need much better direction, control and follow through from our Government. Elite have robbed us blind.

                                                         John Boothroyd Q

                                                    Do the math, get it corrected, Understand the physics. If not you are just making noise and creating problems. We need to work hard on truly clean and renewable energy. Good ideas are a dime a dozen.

              Sam Dogs are doing great. All day buddies…


  2. I among many am Guilty of stating a misleading truth, understates (or implies it is isn’t very much) the importance of the Biomass that produced the carbon and oxygen sink: We are consuming millions of years of accumulation of Fossil Fuel CO^2 every year; however: Most all of the Bio mass Decays releasing CO^2. Largest amount of trapped Carbon (More than then all the coal and Oil?) in Decayed Biomass sits in peat layers and Bogs that has been mapped in Africa. It is 11,000 years old; if we start digging it up, the rest will in probability rapidly decay as the covering layer keeping Oxygen out is removed. Biomass (Trapped Carbon) is a bigger part of the picture than our use of fossil fuel. Increase CO^2 and your plants will increase in size; however the nutrition doesn’t increase. We are destroying the Bio mass we need to keep the CO^2 levels down much faster than we are adding the little(After a Few Hundred Million Years it’s quite a bit) back in that wasn’t recycled.

    It is accurate to state that we live in climate and temperature controlled Biosphere; go outside certain limits and it fails. It can and has failed all by itself many times  and We are so many that We are close having the ability to change it. in our favor? CO^2 keeps heat in (Blocks the Planets heat radiation; which it in turn radiates); It also blocks the sun’s radiation. It takes a long time for the Biomass to recover what the ICE will take and rewarm/cool as required. Screwing this up is not an option.

    See Plot from National Geographic Atlas for the last Few thousand years. Covers a Few of the last excursions of ICE over all of the Northern continents. These are reading averaging out many years; we are looking a short term spike that may or may not have existed in the past; so far we don’t see any evidence of it. Biomass Jumps up; rapidly dropping the CO^2 watch out; swing back might kill us all in short order.



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