Governor, How Much Methane is Leaking?

Monday Action for the week of 2/13/17:
Methane is leaking from the old pipes across the state. There could be one right under your street. Look up where the leaks reported in 2015 are in your town.
In September, in response to a court ruling, Governor Baker ordered new regulations to meet the 2020 goals set in the state’s climate plan – the Global Warming Solutions Act. We all know the devil is in the details so we’re wading into the details of how methane will be limited.

You can use the sample talking points or copy-and-paste text below, if you like. Calling shows you really mean it, but if you email, be sure to personalize it.

Dear Governor Baker,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue which future generations depend on us to solve. I urge you to be bold in fighting climate change and promoting clean energy for the health and safety of all our children.

Methane is leaking from the old gas pipes under the streets in my town. As you know, gas companies haven’t been required to fix most of these leaks and thousands of them have been leaking for years.Methane is 80 times more powerful a Green House Gas (GHG) than CO2 in the first 20 years. Methane leaks kill trees, make people sick and can explode!

The DEP has proposed using a formula for gas companies to calculate and report the total amount of methane leaking in their pipelines along with a limit that is reduced each of the next three years. The DPU will be developing regulations for a timeline for fixing gas leaks that have been leaking for years. Please make sure they work together so they get it right! And three years of reductions are not enough; we need the limits to show the companies are plugging all the leaks.

There’s a much better way to reduce methane leaks than estimating emissions. Measure the volume of the leaks and require that gas companies fix the biggest ones without delay.

A study in Boston found that 7% of the leaks are gushing 50% of the methane leaked from the pipes under our city streets. If those “super-emitters” were found and fixed, the limits DEP is setting for total methane leaks would be surpassed quickly.

We must reduce the leaks the fastest way, not the easiest way, because in 20 years, when the methane released today is dissipating in the atmosphere, today’s children will be young adults. I’m counting on you to do all you can to leave them a healthy, clean energy future.




With Mothers Out Front

Governor Charlie Baker
To call: Phone: 617.725.4005 or 888.870.7770 (in state)
To email
To write a letter:
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133

You did it!

Together we can make a difference in Massachusetts for all of us.

Thank you! See you next Monday!

Still here? Submit your testimony using the points in the sample letter above to DEP before the 2/24 deadline by e-mail to

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Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

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Your Monday Action Team
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