State Reps, Support the Clean Energy Economy

Monday Action for the week of 3/20/17:

This week, we’re asking you to call your Massachusetts State Representative and urge him or her to cosponsor the 2017 Energy Jobs Bill (HD1948).

If your Rep is Solomon Goldstein-Rose, the bill’s author and sponsor, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find one person in a distant district to call their own Rep to co-sponsor. Then call Solomon to thank him for championing bold climate legislation and let him know which Rep your surrogate is calling. This is how we, as constituents of a climate hero, can really make a difference.

You can use the sample talking points or copy-and-paste text below, if you like. Calling shows you really mean it, but if you email, be sure to personalize it. Find your state representative’s contact information here.

Dear [Your State Rep],

I am urgently concerned about climate change. My [children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, friend’s children] depend on us to swiftly, justly and completely transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. That’s why I’m asking you to co-sponsor HD1948 the Energy Jobs Bill introduced by Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose.

Fossil fuels benefit from many hidden costs which are “externalized,” artificially suppressing the at-the-pump price to consumers and giving dirty fuel an edge in the marketplace. These hidden costs leave our state to pick up the tab to repair the environmental devastation fossil fuels cause. Costs shift to families through pollution’s negative health effects. Jobs and revenue are lost in this raw deal.

The 2017 Energy Jobs Bill (HD1948):

  • Keeps money in-state through carbon pricing on fossil fuels. Collected revenue will be placed in the Clean Energy Dividend Fund, and distributed to MA residents on a monthly basis.
  • Eliminates unnecessary regulations that impede clean energy deployment, creating jobs in a thriving industry.
  • Provides capital for clean energy projects in Massachusetts.
  • Invests in technology innovation and development, especially energy storage.

Communities that have instituted carbon pricing have found it benefits the local economy and it has bi-partisan appeal.

Please support HD1948 for the sake of all children.

Thank you,
With Mothers Out Front

Contact info:
Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose
To call: 617-722-2425
Write a letter:
Massachusetts State House, Room 437
Boston, MA 02133

You did it!

Together we can make a difference in Massachusetts for all of us.
Thank you! See you next Monday!

In Person Events:

  • TONIGHT! Monday 3/20, 6:00 – 8:00, Amherst MOF Monthly Meeting. We’re Turning Three! Celebrate our anniversary and plan for the future. Bring light food for dinner. Children, friends, relatives welcome! For location contact Madeleine at

  • Wednesday, 3/22, 12:15pmMassEnergy Presentation on Community Choice Aggregation, Amherst Town Hall.

  • Sunday, 3/26, 2:00-4:15pm, Amherst MOF House Party. Join with other concerned people at this introduction to Mothers Out Front. RSVP

  • Sunday, 3/26, 7pm-8:30pm, Paul Fenn, Local Power Presentation on Community Choice Aggregation, at the Jewish Community of Amherst, 742 Main St.

  • Sunday, 3/26, 4:30pmNorthampton MOF Organizing Team Meeting. Join the Northampton MOF group at our weekly meeting! Contact Sarah at

  • Monday, 3/27, 7pm-9pm, Climate Action Now Meeting, with short presentation by Paul Fenn of Local Power, and break out session for 100% Renewable campaigns in the Legislative Committee, at Unitarian Society of Amherst 121 N. Pleasant St. For info contact Darcy DuMont at

  • Wednesday, 3/29, 6:30pm-8:30pm, The Role of Community Electricity in Reaching 100% Renewable Energy Statewide, A Conversation with Larry Chretien of MassEnergy and Paul Fenn of Local Power, at the Jewish Community of Amherst, 742 Main St. For info contact Darcy DuMont at

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

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