Berkshire Gas, We Want Less Gas!


Monday Action for the week of 4/17/17.

Last week FERC granted Kinder Morgan permission to start tree felling in Otis State Forest. They may not start today, but they will try to start soon. There are still ways to stop them, so we haven’t lost heart. [Speaking of heart, please join us in giving a hearty Stop the Pipeline welcome to the MA Secretary of Energy and Environment, in Shelburne Falls on Wednesday morning. See our special plan below or click here.]

So Climate Heroes, we may not have stopped the interstate pipeline from going through Otis yet, but there’s one very close to many of us that Western Mass reps can help with. If you don’t live in the Berkshire Gas service region, please forward this to a friend who does and help them make the call.

If you live in a community affected by the Berkshire Gas moratorium (towns from Amherst to Greenfield, and Whately) please call Senator Rosenberg and your State Representative urging that they support Montague and Deerfield’s action plan to end the moratorium without big new infrastructure!

You can use the text below as talking points when you call or copy-and-paste if you choose to email. Personalizing your message makes it count a lot more.

Dear [Senator Rosenberg or Representative NAME],

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the gravest threat facing us all and future generations depend on us to halt it. We need to get 100% of our energy from clean sources like solar and wind. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground – including natural gas.

Berkshire Gas has proposed a solution to the moratorium on new hookups which they imposed on our town. Their solution would flood the valley with double the amount of gas currently used, building new, expensive infrastructure.

I hope you have seen the Action Plan to end the Berkshire Gas moratorium that Montague and Deerfield sent you last week. I urge you to fully support their recommendations which come from two expert witnesses. They show that a combination of system adjustments, demand management, more energy efficiency, and modest improvements to Berkshire’s infrastructure could end the moratorium quickly.

I urge you NOT to compromise with any Berkshire Gas proposal that would send more gas into our town than we need for local economic development as we transition to an economy powered by conservation and 100% renewable energy.

Thank you for serving our community and especially for your work on behalf of all our children and grandchildren whose future will depend on taking immediate action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

With Mothers Out Front

Senator Stan Rosenberg
Call: (617) 722-1500

Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose
To call: 617-722-2425

Look up contact info for your State Representative here.

You did it, thank you! See you next Monday.

In Person Events:

  • TONIGHT! Monday 4/17, 6:00-8:00, Amherst Mothers Out Front monthly meeting. Light dinner served. All welcome, including children. RSVP Madeleine greenzinnia at hotmail dot com. We meet every 3rd Monday, same time/same place.
  • Monday 4/17 and Tuesday 4/18, 3-5pm, ART BUILD to paint signs and prepare Lorax books for 4/19 action in Shelburne Falls. RSVP timholcomb55 at gmail dot com.
  • Wednesday 4/19, 9:30-11am, Stop the Pipeline: Secretary Beaton Welcome Party. Join with MOF at the Bridge of Flowers in a silent (children’s noise welcome) protest of Baker’s policies on “natural” gas. The Secretary will speak for the Administration. The Lorax and we will speak for the trees. Info in link above or Felicia.Mednick at verizon dot net.
  • Saturday 4/22, 10-4, Amherst Sustainability Fair. Come see us at our booth, make a Super Climate Hero sheild for the Climate March, send a postcard to the Governor, introduce a friend to MOF. To help table and run children’s craft activities, contact Felicia at Felicia.Mednick at verizon dot net.
  • Sunday 4/22-23, 10-4, EcoLiving Workshops and The Franklin County Better Greener Living Show. At the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield.
  • Monday 4/24, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Climate Action Now meeting with breakout reporting on 100% Renewable Campaigns, planning for Climate Marches, and more at the Unitarian Society of Northampton, 220 Main St.
  • Saturday 4/29, Climate Marches in DC or Boston or Springfield.
  • Tuesday 5/9 6:15 MOF House Party in Leverett; Sun. 5/21 1:30 MOF House Party in Amherst. RSVP and questions to ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com.

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG

Your Monday Action Team


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