Monday Action: Let’s Light Up the Map in MA with Climate Action

cost of carbon

Here’s your Monday Action for the Week of 7/17: Call and ask if your State Rep has signed the letter in support of Rep. Benson’s carbon pricing bill, and if not, ask them to do so right away. Then ask a friend to call their Rep.

We have a brand new tool we’re about to launch called Light Up The Map (LUM for short). We’re still working on it, but we couldn’t wait any longer because we need to reach across the state to show strong support for carbon pricing among our Massachusetts Representatives. That’s what LUM is for.

  • register at Light Up the Map
  • make your call or send an email
  • click that you did it and then,
  • Voila!, you’ve added another light to the map on the site.
  • send the link to LUM to someone you know elsewhere in the state, like, in the Reps’ districts listed below or others you’ll see on the LUM website.

Check back on the LUM website in a few days after you do your action, or if you have trouble with the site, because we’re going to be adding and fixing every day.

Representatives who have shown support for the bill, but haven’t yet signed the letter:

Rep. Diana DiZoglio – North Andover, Methuen, Lawrence & Haverhill.
Rep. Paul Mark – Northern parts of Franklin and Berkshire Counties.
Rep. Adrian Madaro – East Boston
Rep. Carlos Gonzalez – Downtown Springfield
Rep. Colleen Garry – Dracut and Tyngsborough
Rep. Paul Brodeur – Wakefield
Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier – Pittsfield
Rep. Edward Coppinger – West Roxbury to part of Brookline
Rep. Alice Peisch – Wellesley, Weston

Thank you! Let us know what you think of Light Up the Map, and let us know any suggestions you have by emailing us at We’re so excited to see how it works and hearing from you will help us make it better.

There’s actually another bill that’s close to our hearts that we want you to know about.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 18th, an important climate bill by our Amherst/Pelham/Granby rep, Solomon Goldstein-Rose, will have a hearing along with other bills 10:30am – 1pm. The bill is H.3473, An Act relative to creating energy jobs, before the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.

The bill aims to make it easier for companies to develop clean energy technologies, which will stimulate investment, growth and new jobs. A carbon fee and dividend is one of 5 parts of this bill. Read more here.

Submit your written testimony for H.3473 by writing to the Chairs of the Committee:
Senator Eric Lesser:
Representative Joseph Wagner

Your testimony can be very simple. Tell them you care about climate change and why. Say that you support Representative Goldstein-Rose’s bill H.3473.

  • Mention that clean energy, storage and carbon pricing are all necessary to make our economy strong, grow jobs, and keep our energy dollars in state.
  • The bill does all this without appropriating any money, rather creates affordable financing, attracts private battery development with tax incentives, and has a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend.

Remember last week we encouraged you to make videos to speak your mind to Governor Baker. Well, we still want you to do that.

MOF lined up at Gov office
More than 100 mothers and others turned out last Tuesday to Stand with Andrea outside Governor Baker’s office – to support her ongoing efforts to help stop the compressor station in Weymouth.
We are so delighted that some of you have already joined in the social media campaign we kicked off last week. We’re sure hoping many more of you will do videos, too. Short messages are great. Learn about the video campaign. See examples on our Facebook page.

What Should I Say in My Video to Gov. Baker?

1. Record your video. You’ll probably repeat this step a few times before you decide there was a reason you didn’t go into show business.
2. Post your video on your Facebook page. 
Include in your post #MothersProtectCommunities @MothersOutFront.
3. Share your video on our Pioneer Valley MOF Facebook page.
4. Email videos to
5. Extra credit: Tweet your video (max 45 sec) to Charlie Baker. Sample Tweet:
@MassGovernor #MothersProtectCommunities like #Weymouth. Go see the site. Deny the permits. @mothersoutfront @MOFpv

You are making the changes we need! Thank you for your effort. Please share Monday Actions with friends.

See you next Monday.

In Person Events:

  • TODAY! Monday 7/17, 6:00-8:00, Amherst Mothers Out Front monthly meeting and PICNIC! Light dinner, bring if you can. We’ll eat and meet outside if the weather cooperates! Maybe make a few videos to Baker. Families welcome. RSVP Madeleine greenzinnia at hotmail dot com. We meet every 3rd Monday, same time/same place.
  • Saturday 7/22, 11am-1pm, MOF at the Amherst Farmers Market. Join us for ice cream and have your picture taken with an infrared camera to see how ener-G-save’s thermal images of homes in the Pioneer Valley will show where the leaks are in the houses and motivate action! Can you volunteer?
  • Sunday 7/23, 4:30pm-6:00pm, Northampton Mothers Out Front Meeting. At Cultivate & Bloom behind Sylvester’s on Pleasant Street at 20 Hampton Ave, suite 160. Contact
  • Monday 7/24, 7:00-9:00pm, Climate Action Now meeting, 6pm for Legislative and 100% Renewable premeeting. Amherst UU, 121 N. Pleasant St.
  • Saturday 7/29, 10:00am-2:00pm, Celebration for a Living Earth, at Lower Spectacle Pond in Otis State Forest. Bring a picnic, enjoy music, presenters, and take stand against the Kinder Morgan pipeline extension. RSVP here.

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG

Your Pioneer Valley Monday Action Team


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