Asking Obama to Lead On the Road to Paris

We’re counting down to Paris! Week 40 – Monday Action:

Contact President Obama and ask him to lead cooperatively on the road to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris


Direct to human phone number: 202-456-1414

Contact form: 

~ Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front

Check out our blog of all Monday Actions where you can comment about your action experiences.

P.S. And here is a great overview of the UN road to Paris

Contact President Obama

Thank you for participating in Monday Actions with us – together we’re building a Mom-partisan Movement!

obamaThis Week’s Monday Action: Contact President Obama and thank him for his pledge to VETO the KXL Pipeline – Time is of the essence to voice our political will on this issue.

Direct to human phone number: 202-456-1414
Contact form: 

~ Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front

Sign this Cape Wind Petition

Monday Action:  February 9, 2015

This week, let’s add our voices to support 468 MegaWatts of wind power!

Click here for the Better Future Project Cape Wind Petition

Our January 12th Monday Action was to call National Grid and/or NStar to find out why they pulled out of their contract to collectively fund 77% of this project. Many had engaging conversations (after getting through to media liaisons) and we believe this will absolutely help these utilities – or “LDC’s, Local Direct Customers funding the Tennessee Gas Pipeline we don’t want – choose the renewable energy route that will ensure a livable future for our children.

Now we have a petition to sign and a rally to attend on the Boston Common, February 28th from 1-3!

Thank you!
~ Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front

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Note: We compassionately try to design our Monday Actions with your busy schedule in mind. Hopefully they take you less than 5 minutes each week. Feedback or ideas? Email Amherst.MA – at

Welcome! Join us in Monday Actions each week!

Mothers with Switch bannerWe are a group of mothers who refuse to stand idle while climate change threatens the future of all our children. Join us in learning how to build and flex our civic muscles as we TAKE ACTION every Monday, every week. Share Monday Actions on FB and Twitter! Thanks in advance!

~ The Pioneer Valley chapter of Mothers Out Front

Note: We compassionately design our Monday Actions with your busy schedule in mind. Hopefully they take you less than 5 minutes each week. Feedback or ideas? Comment here or Email

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Call Governor Baker

Monday Action:  February 2, 2015

Thank you for your participation in our weekly actions!

This week’s action: Please contact our new Governor Charlie Baker to let him know who you are and what you care about. If you choose you can mention that you are part of Mothers Out Front, a rapidly growing, nonpartisan (or Mom-Partisan!) movement of mothers and others who are expecting bold action against climate change to protect our families.

His toll-free number is: 888-870-7770
or his online contact form is here:

Thank you for all you do to help protect our families’ futures!

With thanks from the Pioneer Valley Chapter of Mothers Out Front

An Act Combating Climate Change

Monday Action:  January 26, 2015

This week we ask you to help gather political support for a new bill in the MA Statehouse called “An Act Combating Climate Change.” The bill will place fees on fossil fuel emissions and rebate the money to MA residents and employers. Studies show the bill will combat climate change, advance clean energy, and strengthen the economy. Learn more about the bill here or visit, who we thank for this week’s action idea!


ACTION: Ask your State Representative and Senator to support and cosponsor this bill. Luckily, ClimateXChange has done most of the work for you.

Just click here or copy this link into your browser:

January 30th is our deadline to get as many sponsors as possible, so your message right now could have a huge impact. Please share this email with friends in other parts of Massachusetts.

If your rep and senator are Ellen Story and Stan Rosenberg, who already support the bill, you can send a version of this:

Thank you for supporting a carbon fee and rebate bill for Massachusetts. I’m deeply concerned about climate change, for the sake of my children and grandchildren. It’s time for bold action to reduce our use of fossil fuels and it makes sense to make the polluters pay. I hope that you’ll help convince your peers to cosponsor and support this bill and help speed it through the legislative process.”

Send Your Ideas

Monday Action:  January 19th, 2015

Send us YOUR IDEAS for Monday Actions that we can all implement this year.

These Monday Actions will continue from now until the UN Council of Parties climate treaty negotiations take place in Paris beginning November 30th. We ask for your help in reaching out to even more members of our communities to take Monday Actions with us.

Categories to consider:
Call a legislator:  who?
Write a letter:  to whom?
Attend a rally:  which one, when?
Read an article:  please send us the link or pdf
Communicate with a friend or family member about climate change:  please send draft text
Complete a task related to an allied climate group:  please send your ideas
Other ideas you may have!

We will be working out the details of our 9-month strategy over the coming weeks and invite you to participate in this planning stage by coming to our Wednesday meetings at All Thing Local (104 N. Pleasant St.) in Amherst, MA from 12-1 each Wednesday.