Support Carbon Pricing Locally


Today’s Monday Action from Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front: Ask your Town Meeting representatives or City Councillors to support Carbon Fee and Dividend.

Towns and cities across the state are showing support for the Carbon Fee and Dividend bills in the legislature. This is a way to reduce GHG emissions as part of many other actions. Several communities recently passed resolutions voicing the residents’ support for the bills. Several local communities are about to decide, including Amherst Town Meeting this week! If your town or city already voted, thank the people responsible. If they haven’t voted to support carbon pricing yet, ask them to!

Call or write, but make the sample words below your own, add the ages of the children in your life, tell what makes you care. Every town and city has a website with ways to contact your legislative body. Below we provide Amherst’s, but you’ll be able to find yours online.

Dear [Town Meeting Member, City Councillor],

I am urgently concerned about climate change. Future generations are depending on us to transition quickly to clean energy for their health and the health of our climate. That’s why I support carbon pricing.

Carbon pricing is the fastest way we can create an immediate reduction in carbon emissions because of the financial, health and climate benefits it provides. By putting a fee on fossil fuels we can level the playing field so that the cost includes the real costs to society and future generations in the form of climate change. This promotes the clean energy economy, creates jobs, and motivates conservation of energy.

There are several bills in the MA legislature that include carbon fees. Some include a full rebate of all the fees collected, divided among consumers in an equitable way so that low and moderate income families save money overall. Some make use of some of the funds collected to promote renewable energy. Rural communities are counted in among those who will receive more than the average because of the need to drive more.

This approach makes sense for our community and for the world. We must take bold actions to curb climate change for the sake of the generations to come. There’s no time to waste.

Please vote to support State carbon pricing legislation and join with other communities in creating a renewable future.

With Mothers Out Front


Here’s where you can email all of your Amherst Town Meeting representatives.

If you’re not in Amherst, call Town/City Hall. Or just call your Mayor, Councillors or Select Board members to tell them you want your community to show support for carbon pricing.

If you’re interested in being involved in the Climate Action Now Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate Working Group meetings are on the first and thirds Tuesdays of the month, 9-10:30am at Panera’s in Hadley.

For more information about the working group contact

Well done, you did your Monday Action! Bye, see you next Monday.

Ask your friends to join you in action. Thank you for being the change you want to see.

Upcoming In-Person Events:

TONIGHT! Monday 5/8  4:30-6:00pm 100% Renewable Amherst. Reports about commercial, residential and town energy choices and actions like Community Choice Aggregation, energy efficiency retrofits, and renewables for low income households. Amherst Unitarian Society, 121 North Pleasant St. Contact

TONIGHT! Monday 5/8  7:00pm CAN Legislative Committee meeting. Amherst Unitarian Society, 121 North Pleasant St.

Tuesday 5/9 6:15 MOF House Party in Leverett. Meet other moms, dads, grandmoms, aunts, etc. Learn about MOF and KidPower! Discussion on how to support and empower children about climate change. RSVP and questions to Andra amherstamr at gmail dot com.

Friday 5/12 4:30-6:00pm Western Mass Community Choice Aggregation PLUS, meeting location tbd. Contact

Sunday 5/14, 5/21 4:30-6:00pm, Northampton Mothers Out Front Weekly Meeting, at the Smith College Student Center. Contact

Monday 5/15, 6:00-8:00, Amherst Mothers Out Front Monthly Meeting. Celebrate Mothers Day! Light dinner served. All welcome, including children. RSVP Madeleine greenzinnia at hotmail dot com. We meet every 3rd Monday, same time/same place.

Sunday 5/21 1:30-3:45pm, MOF House Party in Amherst. Meet other moms, dads, grandmoms, aunts, etc. Learn about MOF and our local 100% Renewable campaign, including Community Choice Aggregation 2.0. RSVP and questions to ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com.

Monday 5/22, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Climate Action Now meeting with breakout reporting on 100% Renewable Campaigns, Amherst Unitarian Society, 121 North Pleasant St.


Thank you for all you do.

See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG.

Your Monday Action Team
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front


To Our Legislators, With Thanks

2016-02-15-greenfield-berkshire-gas-march-bridge-to-nowhereTwo weeks ago you called your legislators in Boston about the Berkshire Gas moratorium. This past week, Senator Rosenberg and our Western Mass State Representatives submitted a Legislators Initial Brief referencing demand response and alternatives to the oversized build out of infrastructure Berkshire Gas has proposed.

It’s just as important to thank our legislators for their actions as it is to ask them to act. So that’s your Monday Action this week – to give our state legislators some love.

You can use the text below for talking points when you call or copy-and-paste if you choose to email. Personalizing your message makes it count a lot more.

Dear Senator Rosenberg and Representatives,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the gravest threat facing us all and future generations depend on us to halt it. We need to get 100% of our energy from clean sources like solar and wind. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground – including natural gas.

Thank you for your efforts with respect to the Berkshire Gas moratorium.  I appreciate your statement to MassLive that, “The Hampshire and Franklin County delegation has always supported a pathway to a clean, green energy future for Massachusetts.”  I am glad that you, as a delegation, have made clear to Berkshire Gas that it is simply unacceptable to hold the Valley hostage with their contrived moratorium so that the company can garner support for a massive overbuild of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Please stand firm in pushing for a targeted resolution of the moratorium that incorporates aggressive demand management strategies.  Our children need your bold leadership to achieve that green energy future as soon as possible.

Thank you for serving our community and especially for your work on behalf of all our children and grandchildren whose future will depend on taking immediate action now to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

With Mothers Out Front

Senator Stan Rosenberg
Call: (617) 722-1500

Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose
To call: 617-722-2425

Look up contact info for your State Representative here.

You did it, thank you! See you next Monday.

In Person Events:

  • Friday 5/5 4:30-6pm Community Choice Aggregation 2.0 in Amherst. Contact amherstamr at gmail dot com.
  • Sunday 5/7 4:30-6pm Northampton MOF weekly meeting. Smith College Student Center. Contact
  • Monday 5/8 4:30-6pm 100% Renewable Amherst. Contact amherstamr at gmail dot com.
  • Tuesday 5/9 6:15 MOF House Party in Leverett. RSVP and questions to
  • Monday 5/15, 6:00-8:00, Amherst Mothers Out Front monthly meeting. Light dinner served. All welcome, including children. RSVP Madeleine greenzinnia at hotmail dot com. We meet every 3rd Monday, same time/same place.
  • Sun. 5/21 1:30 MOF House Party in Amherst. RSVP and questions to ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com.
  • Monday 5/22, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Climate Action Now meeting. 6pm 100% Renewable Communities Pre-Meeting at the Unitarian Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant St.

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG

Your Monday Action Team

Demand Baker Use Demand Response

Monday Action for the Week of 8/22/16: Tell the Governor you will use less energy when demand is high and that you oppose any new natural gas infrastructure.

We’re asking Governor Baker to rapidly roll out a method of conservation called “demand response.” Call him if you can, but no guilt about cutting and pasting, because every small step is multiplied by the small steps of others for a big impact. Use the text below as a guide.
Dear Governor,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to leave them a livable world. I’m doing all I can to contribute to greening the electric grid and reducing my family’s use of fossil fuels. I’m willing to do my part to conserve energy and I’m counting on you to implement statewide solutions.

When the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck down the proposed pipeline tax this past week–a tariff that was opposed across party lines in the legislature–Peter Lorenz from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs suggested that we’d have shortages and increased costs without additional pipelines.

But there are much greater costs to continuing to rely on fossil fuels: the health and climate threats to our children and our world! We don’t need more natural gas to meet demand. California is dealing with severe shortages, due to the huge Aliso Canyon gas leak, by funding the rapid implementation of conservation via demand response (where electricity consumers curtail use to reduce demand) and expanded energy storage.

Governor Baker, Massachusetts can be a leader in using conservation to meet demand. We urge you to promote policies to bring robust conservation programs, such as demand response, to the entire state. Our children’s and our climate’s health depend on you!


With Mothers Out Front

Governor Charlie Baker
To call: Phone: 617.725.4005 or 888.870.7770 (in state)
To email
To write a letter:
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133

Well done, you did your Monday Action! See you next Monday.
Ask your friends to join you in action.
Thank you for being the change you want to see.
Looking to join others in community? MOF Pioneer Valley will be at:

TONIGHT’s CAN meeting in Northampton 7-9pm at the UU at 220 Main St.

Community Forum on Climate with the candidates for State Rep for Amherst, Pelham and Granby District 1.
Monday August 29 7-9pm at the UU in Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant St.
If you haven’t heard all the candidates speak in person, this is the last chance before theSeptember 8th (that’s a Thursday!) election.
Sponsored by the green committees of local churches and Climate Action Now.

DPU Hearing in Greenfield
Tuesday August 30, 6:00 – ?? at Greenfield Middle School, 141 Davis St.
Support and/or give testimony on the plans and forecasts that Berkshire Gas is putting forward to DPU as the basis for arguing for more pipelines.

Thank you for all you do.
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front