Warning: Extra Potent Monday Action!

The Paris U.N. Climate Talks have concluded, and the news is better than many of us expected: The world acknowledged that it’s us or fossil fuels. Now we need binding laws, FAST.

So it’s up to the People- it’s up to you: As leading climate scientist, Jim Hansen says: “[T]he only way we’ll keep it [fossil fuel] in the ground is with a rising fee on carbon so that we get other energies to replace the fossil fuels… [W]e need grassroots support.”

WARNING Usually you contact one person a week. This Monday Action is seven times bigger than usual– so take a deep breath, and give it a little extra time or pick one representative (or do one a day this week…!)

Today’s Action offers you the chance to tell all SEVEN of the elected representatives we check in with regularly to put a true price on carbon, a carbon fee and dividend.

Dear President Obama/Senator/Congressman/Governor/State Senator/State Representative,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. Therefore we need you to do all you can to get us a carbon fee and dividend. NOW.

I vote for a livable future, and that future must be carbon-neutral.
With Mothers Out Front

Contact info for zip code 01002. Live somewhere else? Look up your representatives HERE. (State Reps are faster HERE)
1. President Obama

To call: 202-456-1111
To email
To write a letter:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

2. Senator Elizabeth Warren

To call: (202) 224-4543
To email
To write a letter:
317 Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510

3. Senator Ed Markey

To call: 202-224-2742
To email
To write a letter:
255 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

4. Congressman Jim McGovern
To call: 202-225-6101
To email
To write a letter:

438 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515

5 Governor Charlie Baker
To call: Phone: 617.725.4005 or 888.870.7770 (in state)
To email
To write a letter:
Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133

6. State Senator Stan Rosenberg
To call: (617) 722-1500
To email
To write a letter:

State House Office
24 Beacon Street,
Room 332,
Boston, MA 02133

7. State Representative Ellen Story

To call: 617-722-2012
To email
To write a letter:
State House,
Room 277
Boston, MA 02133

Wow, hats off. You did it! Bye. See you next Monday.

Tell your friends to join. Thank you for being the change you want to see.
NOTE: Never hesitate to cut and paste, call, or pour your heart out in email or letters and share your solutions.
Your voice gets counted the same in each case.

Thank you for making 2015 a watershed year for the climate,
Pioneer Valley Mothers Out Front


Week 14: Senator Warren, Help US Put a Fair Price on Carbon

This is week 14 in our 40 week Countdown to the UN Climate Talks in Paris.

Today’s Monday Action: Take 5-minutes now to ask Senator Warren to make carbon polluters pay.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Your optional copy-and-paste text for email or talking points if you call:

Dear Senator Warren,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue on which future generations will judge us. Therefore I urge you to be bold in fighting for real solutions to stop climate change.

Thank you for your support of a carbon fee and dividend. Economists across the political spectrum agree that putting a price on carbon is the fastest and fairest way to reduce carbon emissions at this time.

We look to you for your leadership.


With Mothers Out Front

Contact Info:

Boston Office
2400 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203

Boston Office: (617) 565-3170
Springfield MA Office: (413) 788-2690

Looking to personalize this for a different state?
You can look up your Senator here:

Thank you! See you next Monday!

Please forward this Monday Action to a friend today. The key is, to put climate change front and center and for that all voices count.

Still here? Want to learn more about the carbon fee and dividend?

This week’s Monday Action dovetails perfectly with the action of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). They are sending 868 citizen volunteers to Washington D.C. (some of our friends from the Pioneer Valley will be there). The CCL has succeeded in scheduling over 400 in-person meetings today with members of the House and Senate! The intention – to advance carbon fee and dividend as a solution acceptable to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Want to learn more about Massachusetts legislation and community efforts for a carbon fee and dividend? Check out Climate XChange.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions. 

Your work is already causing waves.
See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOGhttps://mothersoutfront.wordpress.com/

Your Pioneer Valley Community Organizing Team


An Act Combating Climate Change

Monday Action:  January 26, 2015

This week we ask you to help gather political support for a new bill in the MA Statehouse called “An Act Combating Climate Change.” The bill will place fees on fossil fuel emissions and rebate the money to MA residents and employers. Studies show the bill will combat climate change, advance clean energy, and strengthen the economy. Learn more about the bill here or visit Climate-XChange.org, who we thank for this week’s action idea!


ACTION: Ask your State Representative and Senator to support and cosponsor this bill. Luckily, ClimateXChange has done most of the work for you.

Just click here or copy this link into your browser:


January 30th is our deadline to get as many sponsors as possible, so your message right now could have a huge impact. Please share this email with friends in other parts of Massachusetts.

If your rep and senator are Ellen Story and Stan Rosenberg, who already support the bill, you can send a version of this:

Thank you for supporting a carbon fee and rebate bill for Massachusetts. I’m deeply concerned about climate change, for the sake of my children and grandchildren. It’s time for bold action to reduce our use of fossil fuels and it makes sense to make the polluters pay. I hope that you’ll help convince your peers to cosponsor and support this bill and help speed it through the legislative process.”