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Fuel mix in New England on 1/9/18 1:30pm, source ISO-NE.

Your Monday Action today is to ask your State Representative to move the dial. It’s simple:

A proposed 3% increase in the Renewable Portfolio Standard (*see BACKGROUND below) is at risk of dying in committee this month and we can’t let that happen! So here is what YOU can do. The more voices the better.


Representative _____________, (Find your representative here.)

I am urgently concerned about climate change. We urgently need more renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels for the sake of our children’s health and economic future.

That is why we need you to support raising the Renewable Portfolio Standard to increase 3% per year (to achieve an RPS of 50% in 2030). Please speak with Representative Golden and Senator Barrett about this today so that it makes it out of the Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy Committee!

Thanks for speeding up solutions to the climate crisis.
(Your name and address, with Mothers Out Front)


Renewable Portfolio Standard or RPS: Massachusetts has had an RPS for many years, and it has proven to be an efficient mechanism for increasing the growth of renewable energy, like solar and wind in New England. About 30 states have an RPS, and many are increasing their RPS because it has been so effective.

We need to shift to 50% renewable energy use by 2030 to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals. And the RPS is one straight-forward way to do this. To get there, we must require electric utilities to increase the percentage of renewable energy that they deliver to customers by 3% per year.


Hey! You did it! Thanks for checking in each week and doing what you can to leave a healthy climate for the coming generations. You are our inspiration.

 In Person Events

  • Monday 1/15, 6:00-8:00pm, Amherst Mothers Out Front Monthly Community Meeting. Light dinner; all welcome, including children. Eat, learn and take action. Same place as usual. Contact:
  • Tuesday 1/16, 7:00pm, Chasing Coral film. Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 North Pleasant St. in Amherst.
  • Thursday 1/18, 7:00pm, Northampton City Council considers 100% Renewable Energy Resolution. City Council Chambers, 212 Main Street.
  • Sunday 1/21, 4:30-6:00pm, Northampton Mothers Out Front Meeting. Smith College Campus Center. Contact
  • Saturday 1/27/18, 8:45am-5pm, Mothers Out Front Statewide Annual Assembly. Belmont First Church. Childcare available. Stay tuned for registration soon. Carpools will be arranged.

100% Renewable Energy Pioneer Valley Speaker Series:

Wednesday 1/31, 7:00-9:00pm, Architect Ellen Watts speaks on Zero Energy Municipal Buildings, Hitchcock Center for the Environment, 845 West St, Amherst.

For information, contact

• You asked,   “How can I get involved?” Here’s how, in 5 minute increments…

Here’s how to talk with friends and family about the carbon fee: VIDEOYou can help them get on this map: LIGHT UP THE MAP. (Which bulb are you?)

Thank you for doing Monday Actions. See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG.

Your Pioneer Valley Monday Action Team


Rep, The World We Love is 100% Renewable Energy

join the parade - WWL smallest

Here’s your Monday Action from the Pioneer Valley, MA Mothers Out Front, for the week of 6/26/17.

This week’s Monday Action is to ask your State Representative to support 100% Renewable Energy and join The World We Love puppet pageant (pictured above) and direct action this Saturday in Northampton. See below for other upcoming events as well.

On Saturday, July 1, please join us in calling for 100% Renewable Energy at The World We Love. People of all ages, giant puppets, activists, and musicians will parade through the streets of Northampton, watch a play in Pulaski Park and then fan out into Northampton to speak to individuals and businesses about their part in reducing Massachusetts energy use and becoming 100% renewable. See details below.

We’re joining a nationwide commitment to 100% renewable energy. Ask your State Rep to support a bill calling for 100% Renewable Energy which was introduced by Rep. Sean Garballey and Rep. Marjorie Decker (H.3395) in the House, and by Sen. Jamie Eldridge (S.1849) in the Senate. It sets a bold goal of getting our electricity from all clean energy sources by 2035. The rest of the economy, including buildings, transportation, industry, would go 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Western Mass Representatives who signed on as cosponsors of the bill are:
Reps Solomon Goldstein-Rose and Peter Kocot in Hampshire County;
Rep Stephen Kulik in Franklin County;
Reps Gailanne Cariddi, Paul Mark, and William Pignatelli in Berkshire County;
Reps Carlos Gonzalez, Jose Tosado, Aaron Vega, and John Velis in Hampden County.

If your Rep is on the list of supporters, thank them and encourage them to get their colleagues on board.
If your Rep isn’t on the list, ask them to support H.3395/S.1849.

You can use the text below as talking points in calling your Rep, or in an email. Just be sure to personalize it by mentioning the children you love or other reasons you’re motivated to act on climate.

Dear Representative {YOUR REP},

I am urgently concerned about climate change. The children I love depend on us for a livable future. I want you to accelerate the pace of change in policies to ensure those children have hope for their own and their world’s health.

I’m asking for your {or thanking you for your} support of the 100% Renewable Energy bill, H.3395/S.1849. It will help make a swift, complete, and just transition from fossil fuels to the clean energy future that is within our grasp. The bill accelerates the annual increase in the amount of clean energy electric companies must include in their portfolio. It also calls for workforce development in clean energy, and directs state agencies to study and implement clear strategies for attaining the goals.

Please work with your colleagues to gather support in the House for passing this bill this session. There is no time to lose.

Thank you for your work on behalf of my family and the clean, healthy future we want.

with Mothers Out Front

 To contact your representative, look them up here.

The World We Love

The 2nd Annual Inter-Dependence Day Celebration, The World We Love Giant Puppet Parade performance and direct action, will be on Saturday July 1.

To join Mothers Out Front for the parade, gather between 1:30 and 1:45pm at the County Court House Lawn. We’ll be representing the element Air from the East, carrying the winged creatures. Wear yellow, bring wings and puppets and stuffed animals of the winged type if you like. There will also be stick puppets and larger puppets to carry. For the parades from the other 3 directions, see the Facebook page.

2:00pm Parade begins to Memorial Hall Lawn and Pulaski Park Lawn.

2:30pm Community Performance of The World We Love-Its in our Hands!

Immediately following the performance join the Direct Action to connect with businesses and individuals about reducing their energy usage to help us achieve 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible.

Sign up on Facebook.
To help make puppets this week, contact Beth Fairservis,


You did it, thank you! You are making the changes we need! Please share Monday Actions with friends.

See you next Monday.

In Person Events:

  • TONIGHT! Monday 6/26, 7pm-9pm, Climate Action Now Meeting, Unitarian Society of Northampton, 220 Main St. 
  • Thursday 6/29, 4:00-5:00 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm, PVTA Public Hearing on Bus Route Cuts, City Council Chambers, 212 Main St, behind City Hall, Northampton. Come defend our public transportation system that connects the valley for education and jobs, and lowers carbon emissions.
  • Saturday 7/1, 2:00pm – 5:00pm, The World We Love, Northampton. (see details above).
  • Thursday 7/6, 1:00pm – 2:30pm, Zero Energy Amherst. Join a team working to make all new town buildings in Amherst Zero Energy. Contact anneperkins43 at gmail dot com for location.
  • Friday 7/7, 4:30pm-6:00pm, Community Choice Aggregation plus. Let’s work together to go 100% Renewable with community electricity, local clean energy, and energy efficiency, in our region. Meeting in Hadley. Contact
  • Sunday 7/9, 4:30pm-6:00pm, Northampton Mothers Out Front Meeting. At Cultivate & Bloom behind Sylvester’s on Pleasant Street at 20 Hampton Ave, suite 160. Contact
  • Monday 7/10, 4:30-6:00pm, 100% Renewable Pioneer Valley Meeting, Unitarian Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant St, enter on Kellogg St. CAN Legislative Committee Meeting 7:00pm. We’ll grab a quick dinner together in between meetings!
  • Monday 7/17, 6:00-8:00, Amherst Mothers Out Front monthly meeting. Light dinner served. All welcome, including children. RSVP Madeleine greenzinnia at hotmail dot com. We meet every 3rd Monday, same time/same place.

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG

Your Pioneer Valley Monday Action Team

To Our Legislators, With Thanks

2016-02-15-greenfield-berkshire-gas-march-bridge-to-nowhereTwo weeks ago you called your legislators in Boston about the Berkshire Gas moratorium. This past week, Senator Rosenberg and our Western Mass State Representatives submitted a Legislators Initial Brief referencing demand response and alternatives to the oversized build out of infrastructure Berkshire Gas has proposed.

It’s just as important to thank our legislators for their actions as it is to ask them to act. So that’s your Monday Action this week – to give our state legislators some love.

You can use the text below for talking points when you call or copy-and-paste if you choose to email. Personalizing your message makes it count a lot more.

Dear Senator Rosenberg and Representatives,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the gravest threat facing us all and future generations depend on us to halt it. We need to get 100% of our energy from clean sources like solar and wind. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground – including natural gas.

Thank you for your efforts with respect to the Berkshire Gas moratorium.  I appreciate your statement to MassLive that, “The Hampshire and Franklin County delegation has always supported a pathway to a clean, green energy future for Massachusetts.”  I am glad that you, as a delegation, have made clear to Berkshire Gas that it is simply unacceptable to hold the Valley hostage with their contrived moratorium so that the company can garner support for a massive overbuild of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Please stand firm in pushing for a targeted resolution of the moratorium that incorporates aggressive demand management strategies.  Our children need your bold leadership to achieve that green energy future as soon as possible.

Thank you for serving our community and especially for your work on behalf of all our children and grandchildren whose future will depend on taking immediate action now to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

With Mothers Out Front

Senator Stan Rosenberg
Call: (617) 722-1500

Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose
To call: 617-722-2425

Look up contact info for your State Representative here.

You did it, thank you! See you next Monday.

In Person Events:

  • Friday 5/5 4:30-6pm Community Choice Aggregation 2.0 in Amherst. Contact amherstamr at gmail dot com.
  • Sunday 5/7 4:30-6pm Northampton MOF weekly meeting. Smith College Student Center. Contact
  • Monday 5/8 4:30-6pm 100% Renewable Amherst. Contact amherstamr at gmail dot com.
  • Tuesday 5/9 6:15 MOF House Party in Leverett. RSVP and questions to
  • Monday 5/15, 6:00-8:00, Amherst Mothers Out Front monthly meeting. Light dinner served. All welcome, including children. RSVP Madeleine greenzinnia at hotmail dot com. We meet every 3rd Monday, same time/same place.
  • Sun. 5/21 1:30 MOF House Party in Amherst. RSVP and questions to ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com.
  • Monday 5/22, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Climate Action Now meeting. 6pm 100% Renewable Communities Pre-Meeting at the Unitarian Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant St.

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

See and follow all actions to date on the Monday Action BLOG

Your Monday Action Team

Climate Deniers Beware, Mothers are Marching


Monday Action for week of 1/23/17:

Climate Deniers, beware. The sleeping Giant is roused, see what you have unleashed: Millions marched on Saturday for the dignity and safety of all, the largest demonstration in history.

We are rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, building our civic muscles to protect the future for all.

For a super easy action today you can click here to add your two cents on the Western Mass Senators’ “Commonwealth Conversations.” But if you have the time…

…Our state Senate generally supports bolder climate legislation than the House. So its our Reps who really need to hear us ROAR, unless, that is, if you’re in a district of a climate champion. In that case we encourage you to call or write a thank you. Then find a friend or relative in another district who will send a message asking their Rep to co-sponsor the climate bills that were filed on Friday. The House bills deadline for cosponsors to sign on is Feb 3.

There are many opportunities to meet your Rep in person this week too! This Wednesday, 1/25, Mass Power Forward, the coalition of climate groups in MA, will give you all the info you need to lobby your Rep at the statehouse. Sign up here. See below for other local events with Western MA legislators this week.

You can use the sample talking points or copy-and-paste text below, if you like.

Dear Representative __________,

I am urgently concerned about climate change. This is the defining issue which future generations depend on us to solve. I urge you to be bold in fighting climate change and promoting clean energy for the health and safety of all our children.

Now that the bills for this session have been filed, please cosponsor the bills that are designed to bring a swift, just and complete transition to a clean energy future.

As leading climate scientist, Jim Hansen says: “[T]he only way we’ll keep [fossil fuels] in the ground is with a rising fee on carbon so that we get other energies to replace the fossil fuels.”

I ask that, among other important climate bills, you co-sponsor the following bills which include a carbon fee:

An Act Combating Climate Change, Senate Docket 1021, sponsored by Senator Barrett

An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Create Jobs, House Docket 1504, sponsored by Representative Benson

An Act Relative to Creating Energy Jobs, House Docket 1948, sponsored by Representative Goldstein-Rose

An Act to Protect the Environment and Update Our Climate Action Plan, Senate Docket 1357, sponsored by Senator Pacheco

Mothers Out Front and so many others are working to get to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible. Thank you for helping by co-sponsoring key legislation.


With Mothers Out Front

Contact Your Rep:

If Solomon Goldstein-Rose is your Rep, let him know you’re supporting a carbon fee in bills like his and thank him for bold leadership on climate:
To call: 617-722-2425
To email:
To write a letter:
State House, Room 437
Boston, MA 02133

You can also join Rep Goldstein-Rose in a small group discussion on Saturday at the climate forum in Northampton (see below).

If you live in a different district, look up your Rep here:

You did it!
Together we can make 2017 a watershed year for the climate.
Thank you! See you next Monday!

Still here? Want to really dig in and ask for your rep to co-sponsor more important climate bills?

Climate Action Now will be recommending more bills to support. Please check back here Monday night and Tuesday. Thanks to to our allies in CAN for sorting through the climate bills and simplifying this process for the rest of us.

In Person Events:

  • TONIGHT! Monday, 1/23, 7:00-9:00pm, Climate Action Now Meeting, Unitarian Society of Northampton, 220 Main St. Breakout sessions on legislation and local actions for clean energy.

  • Wednesday, 1/25, 10:00am – 3:00pm, Mass Power Forward Climate Lobby Day, MA Statehouse.

  • Friday, 1/27, 11:30-1:00 pm Lunch with Western Mass. Legislators, including Senate President Rosenberg, Senator Hinds, and Reps Kulik, Kocot, Goldstein-Rose, Scibak and Vega. At B’nai Israel, 253 Prospect St, Northampton. RSVP to Pamela Schwartz at

  • Saturday, 1/28, 3:00-5:30pm, Climate Action in a Time of Political Crisis, First Churches, Northampton. Forum with Senator Rosenberg, Rep. Solomon Goldstein-Rose, Nat Fortune, Marty Nathan and action-oriented discussions in small groups. Sponsored by CAN, MOF, and other community groups. For more info contact Karen at innerfortune dot com.

  • Sunday, 1/29, 1:00-3:00pm, Pioneer Valley 100% Renewable Meeting. Amherst MOF Green Buildings campaign, Valley Businesses Going Green, financing energy efficiency and renewables; other topics welcome. Jewish Community of Amherst, 742 Main St. Contact Andra, amherstamr at gmail dot com

  • Monday 2/20, 5:30 – 7:30, MOF Family Potluck. We’re not having a meeting as usual on the 3rd Monday in February. But you’re invited to a potluck with your family. Location TBD. RSVP Andra, amherstamr at gmail dot com

  • Saturday, 2/25, 2:00-4:15pm, Amherst MOF House Party. Join with other concerned people at this introduction to Mothers Out Front. RSVP ellentmiddleton at gmail dot com

Keep up with other actions for resisting and protecting our communities and climate by following 413 Staying Connected for Action.

Thank you for doing Monday Actions.

Your Monday Action Team
Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley

You can also keep up with Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley on Twitter @MOFpv and Facebook: